A Mini Exercise Guide For the Beginners

A Mini Exercise Guide For the Beginners : Exercise is a healthy activity that every living individual should do. Add these mini exercises in your routine, and you will feel a significant change in your lifestyle.

If you are reading this blog, then it means you have finally decided to add exercise in your routine. Congratulations! The first step towards a healthy mind and body is taken. According to Michael R. Bracko, EdH, FACSM, honourable chairman of the “American College of Sports Medicine’s Consumer Information Committee stated, “Exercise is known to be the magic pill”. “It can cure diseases such as heart diseases: Exercise is helpful for individuals from recovering cancer, it also assists for arthritis patients. Also, it is known to be a healthy activity for people preventing or recovering from depressions.

Many individuals also exercise to reduce or maintain their weight, by doing so, bodies look toned and trim. Movements can be done in many forms, all you have to do is be motivated and encouraged to do so. There are different types and forms of exercise, our guide is for the beginners, and we will include all the training that would strengthen your body.

When you start exercising, your first options initiate from the following to make up a vital routine,

  • Walk
  • Jog
  • Dancing
  • Biking
  • Exercising equipment such as Chest Machine or Abs Maker is also a convenient option.
  • Some have suggested gardening as an option.

Getting started

For starting a healthy activity routine, you could basically do anything that interests you or increase your chances of making a proper routine. Thirty minutes of activity is suggested; heart health is essential, and a balance of moderate-intensity for physical activity like walking on various days. It is still good if you do less than 30 minutes of daily exercise, you will feel more active and light in the start and be motivated to increase the exercising time.

So let’s get started towards our compilation of beginner’s guide, we have included the most basic exercises, including home-usage of exercise equipment. If you are concerned about measuring the intensity of training, then check your heart rate and pulse in the physical activity. A moderate rate should be 50% to 70%.

Choice of Equipment’s

There is various exercising equipment which you can add in your routine, these would help you in increasing strength.

  • Chest Machine
  • Exercise Balls
  • Abs Machine
  • Exercise mats
  • Weighted dumbbells.

The Basics

When you are starting to exercise as a newbie, you may be feeling excited to try it out, but you may also be doubting yourself if you can keep up with the routine. The thing about workouts is, the best place to start doing it is with useful and easy ones which can help you get stronger and build up your strength.

If you have found an online video for an effective workout, it might look comfortable with the steps, but when you do it, it could be bone-breaking. Focus on classic exercises for beginners which can be easy for you and know what they do for your body.

Classical Exercises

There are various exercises in this category which you can start doing, also add a few repetitions and sets of exercise equipment to see productive results.

  • Squats
  • Romanian Deadlift
  • Reverse Lunges
  • Row Works
  • Plank
  • Push-ups
  • Glute Bridge
  • Wood-chop

Note down body measurements

Before starting exercise, you could measure your whole body to keep a check on your progress. If you are doing exercise to reduce weight, then you should be devoted to accomplishing your goals, but if your intentions are to stay healthy, then you can surpass these. Some individuals would prefer keeping a journal if they intend to reduce weight.

Focus on Cardio

Focus on cardio and walk for 20 to 30 minutes and get your body warm enough for exercise. Cardio is one of the most famous types of exercise individuals can do, it might not feel exciting, but it has a lot of benefits, let’s uncover some of the reasons to get you started on cardio,

  • Works wonders for weight reduction.
  • Strengthens the heart.
  • Lower risk of diseases.
  • Improves lungs.
  • Boosts energy.
  • Increases positive thinking.
  • Improves sleeping routine.
  • Stronger immune system.

Flexible Workout Routine

Cardio is the right combination of strength training and stretching plays a vital part at the end of your workout. Stretching your muscles when they are warm has benefits, they assist in developing a large sum of flexibility which offers relaxation and relief in stress.

Change exercise to make progress

Doing the same exercise every day can bore you and discourage you. For beginners, it is crucial to keep up with the exercise routine. Change brings variety, you could switch with the exercise, some day’s walk, and some days jog and use exercising equipment to increase strength.

Set Goals

It can be challenging to set goals which you can accomplish by the end of the day. It is vital to start working towards your goal by doing exercise, you could always focus on your problem area. Some individuals want to lower their depression, and that is why they walk or jog. Some men want to have a broader chest which is why they focus on using Chest Machine and relevant exercises. Focus on one goal every time, if you are expecting to do a lot with your body at the start of your exercising routine, you might end up getting exhausted.

Keep Consistent

The one thing to keep in your mind is to stay consistent in your routine. You could take a day off from exercise but when you do, make sure your heart and mind are in the right place. If you force yourself to exercise, you will end up getting frustrated. In the start, it would be a little challenging to get up and do it, but once you start exercising, you will see significant changes in your body and mental state.





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A Mini Exercise Guide For the Beginners

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