Accessories For Your Newborn Baby

Accessories For Your Newborn Baby : Welcoming a newborn in the world is one of the most stressful and exciting experience for any parent. It is always confusing to decide what to and what not to get for the baby. New parents, at times, overdo and at times not do enough for the new arrival.

Overdoing is wasteful as babies grow fast out of things and habits. Under doing is bad as babies don’t wait when they need something they scream or get sick if they don’t receive it right away. We will list some necessary items for your newborn, which will get you through the first few months with your babe with some ease.

Baby Clothes

Get a dozen rompers or sets of clothes for your baby. Dozen should be the minimum quantity of clothes you have for the baby. It is even helpful if you have more than a dozen sets of clothing for your newborn. Baby will up throw up milk a lot, his/her diaper will leak, and he/she will drool all the time. For a being who can’t do anything at all on its own, a baby is remarkably skilled at making a mess, so be prepared for doing a lot of laundries. Clothes are very important so you must take care of the baby clothes. Also, babies have sensitive skin. So clothes play a vital role.

Another thing to remember is that a baby has extremely sensitive skin, it’s ten times thinner than an adult’s skin. So make sure that you buy your baby’s clothes from a well-known baby brand like that offers the finest and specially designed and handcrafted quality clothing. Your baby can develop the rash from synthetic or woolen material, not all do; however, don’t take the chance. Your newborn will find plenty of reasons to cry on its own, so let’s not make him/her cry from clothes’ rash. Baby’s skin can turn red from the slightest bug bite, exposure to pets and insects. So even if it is warm, try to keep your newborn covered as much as possible.

Baby Wraps

What most parents forget to plan for is what they will do once the baby is a few weeks old, and they will have to start working again. Some chores need to be done, groceries that need to pick, household items that need to be shopped. Living alone with the baby can be quiet exhausting and taxing on the mind. The caretaker would crave to socialize with other adults. But to move about with the baby, you need tools. The best way to carry about your newborn is a lightweight baby wrap, as these come in non-synthetic and breathable materials, they are a much better choice than baby carriers. You can carry your newborn everywhere, with his/her arms and legs completely tucked in, and you can get your chores done without having to stop to attend and play with the baby. Any baby in general likes being carried around so he/she would also be happy to see the world form their mommy or daddy’s height. Baby wraps have gained importance in recent times.

Wrapping Sheets

Swaddling is something some parents who have seen it done in their homes are well aware of while for others its a new concept. Its a way of wrapping a baby in a sheet with its arm at his/her side and legs straight. A baby tends to flay about in his/her sleep a lot, and his/her movement will wake him/her up. Wrapping the baby tightly helps the baby sleep well. The baby has spent nine months in confined space of the womb, and it will take him/her some time to get used to this spacious new world. Swaddling helps him/her sleep well while feeling safe, and it also makes carrying the baby easy without jolting the baby too much. Swaddling is an age-old technique; it is proven helpful to keep the baby calm and proven to be a prevention technique from unexpected jostles. Having 3-4 wrapping sheets at hand helps a lot. Parents should learn a few swaddling techniques before the baby is born.

Feeding bottles

The doctors recommend breastfeeding for the newborn. But if for some reason you don’t have enough breast milk to feed the baby, baby formula recommended by the pediatrician should be bought to feed the baby. For the first three months, the baby does not eat or drink anything other than milk, that too after every 2 hours. Even if you are breastfeeding, pump your milk and put it in a bottle to feed the baby. Do this so that baby can get used to different nipple early on that way if you have to leave the baby behind he/she won’t refuse bottle feed given by others. Getting baby on the bottle is a must; it would ease your movement. It is a common consensus that the baby also sleeps longer from formula feed. So having the baby on the bottle even if you are not giving him formula feed is a huge help for the parents.

Napkins and Wipes

Babies drool a lot, and they need to be burped after every feed. You need at least half a dozen cotton squares to put over your shoulder, so even if baby throws up milk or drools as you burp him, it doesn’t spoil your clothes. Another handy thing you should keep by your side in abundance is baby wipes. Taking baby to the washroom every time it spills or leaks isn’t possible. If you are travelling, wipes are a MUST. Wet wipes can be used to clean off baby’s face and cleaning off its butt as you change diapers. Babies should be given a warm bath regularly, but if you cant someday, to clean out its hands and feet, these wipes are wonderful. A baby needs to have his/her hands cleaned regularly as a lot of dead skin tends to accumulate their very fast. Folds of skin around neck and underarms should be cleaned out and powdered up regularly as they tend to get tender if left unattended. The trend of napkins has increased in recent years.


Have a baby bag ready with all the above-given essentials in it and lots of diapers, whenever you leave the house. Keep your newborns well warped, make sure that clothing that comes in direct contact with his skin is pure cotton. Get pediatrician recommended nappy rash cream at hand as babies do get a lot of nappy rashes. Buy best diaper bags which you can both carry on your arm and wear like a backpack. Make sure it is spacious that it can carry your things too beside baby’s things. With babies carrying handbags becomes quite difficult. Good luck. Parenting!





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Accessories For Your Newborn Baby

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