Advantages of Waxing

I have been getting waxed for more than five years now and I can’t even think about shaving. Waxing as a method of unwanted hair removal has a lot of advantages. Although it may seem daunting to start thinking about waxing, it doesn’t hurt as much as you think! Check out a few amazing advantages of waxing.

1. It is much faster

Even if you’re waxing larger areas like the chest or back, large blocks of hair are removed at once, so you can complete in a matter of minutes. So, if you’re debating the disadvantages of getting waxed, especially any discomfort you experience, just think that you won’t experience it for long. This is a perfect solution for busy people who want to get things done as fast as possible.

2. Less irritating to your skin

With shaving, from the constant razor strokes the skin can become sore and red. And you have hair-free legs for at least two days with shaving but with the cost of stubble, redness and cuts. Waxing is practically pain free and redness will last only some minutes and be gone quickly.

3. Exfoliation

When you apply the wax on your skin, it begins to dry and dead skin cells stick to it and be removed together with hair. I always exfoliate in the shower before waxing and then again after waxing followed by a moisturizer for really smooth legs. Waxing is especially great before you go on vacation!

4. Hair grows back slower

That’s because the hair pulled out from the root. After waxing the hair follicle has to take some time to reproduce a new hair and very often not all hair follicles will reproduce at all! This is one of the most amazing advantages of waxing!

5. Hair grows back thinner

As I said, I’ve been getting waxed for more than five years and now I get waxed every 6-8 weeks. That’s because the hair follicles in a way “give up” and don’t bother reproducing the new hairs. Plus, the hair grows back much thinner and lighter so you can go longer and don’t think about shaving.

6. It is best for some areas

The wax can be used on almost any area of the body: arms, legs, lip/chin, eyebrows, back, bikini area, etc. For instance, many women with dark hair have the problem of upper lip hair that is typically followed by suggestion of bleaching. Even if you opt to bleach, you can still see the upper lip hair in daylight. Waxing will help to get rid of that unwanted hair.

7. It is for men too

If you can convince your partner that waxing is not as painful as he thinks and there is no stigma to pamper himself, this can solve lots of problems. And leave you with a soft and silky smooth partner too!

Have you ever gotten waxed? Do you know any benefits of waxing? Share your thoughts, please!


Advantages of Waxing