Reasons Why You Should Write a Diary

Most of us have seen the scene in a movie where the girl is writing in her diary about her really bad day or the guy she likes. In fact, a diary can be your best friend! I write a diary every day and it helps me a lot. Here are a few reasons to write a diary.

1. Better feeling

Writing a diary will definitely make you feel better. Just pour your feelings and thoughts out by writing in a diary and you will feel better instantly! No matter whether you have a bad day or you have no one to talk to, put it on your diary. I have lots of friends, but I don’t have true friends whom I can trust. That’s why I write all my thoughts and secrets in a diary. It makes me feel better!

2. Nonjudgmental friend

Regardless of what you write, your diary will not reply back with its own opinion. You won’t have to feel like you should take back what you’ve just said. Diary is your nonjudgmental friend. You can write about that nice guy, put in any controversial idea of your own or complain about anything and nobody will ever know it.

3. Creating memories

If you are a fan of nostalgia, you should definitely consider writing in a diary! Just imagine, in 15 or so years, your diary will be your own written time machine. I’m a big fan of nostalgia and I like making memories for myself, that’s something that I can look back to and even show it to my future children.

4. Better view on life

I always thought that my life was boring and I thought that I didn’t need a diary, ‘cause I had nothing in my life to write about. But when I started writing in a diary I realized that I was wrong. Life is not boring. On the outside it may just look like an ordinary, but when you look at it deeply, it’s like a roller coaster ride.

5. Self-mirror

Writing a diary is one of the best ways to discover and understand yourself. Trust me, there is no better self-mirror than your diary. Once you start writing in a diary, you will understand yourself better.

6. Creativity

You might think that writing in a diary and creativity are two different things, as all you’re doing is just putting down your thoughts and feelings. But when you write them down, you write them like a story. A diary can be your own novel and people in it are its characters.

7. Good secret keeper

Okay, I can’t keep a secret, and I know it. And when my best friend tells me her secret, I just write it in my diary. And when I do that, I know I won’t even have to worry about telling anyone else. A diary is a really good secret keeper.

Start writing a diary and you’ll feel much better. Do you have a diary? Do you know any other reasons to write a diary? Share your thoughts, please.


Reasons Why You Should Write a Diary