Are Baby Cribs Safe?

Are Baby Cribs Safe?
Are Baby Cribs Safe?

Are Baby Cribs Safe? : Baby cribs are often on the shopping list of most new parents. However, before you buy one, it is time to find out are baby cribs safe?

After all, your buying decision would always depend on the answer to this question. Today, we will answer this question and share our justifications for the same.

Yes, baby cribs are safe. You need to buy ones that follow the consumer product safety commission guidelines. The good news is that most baby cribs by reputed brands follow these guidelines and are safe, strong, and durable. Check out the detailed guides on baby cribs and other baby products at

Now that you know the safety they offer, it is time to look at the benefits of a baby crib.

Benefits of using a baby crib:

  1. Safe sleeping place:

    The baby crib provides a safe sleeping place for the baby. No matter how much the baby or the infant moves around, they will still be safe. You will not have to worry about monitoring them again and again since they will be in a closed space.

  2. Promotes independence:

    In the crib, the infant or the baby can spend time without any company. Since it is entirely safe, you need not sit with the baby or the infant at all times.

    The point we are trying to make is that the baby crib promotes independence. It promotes not only independent playing activities but also independent sleeping patterns. That way, you will still have your me time once you get a baby crib.

  3. Safe sanctuary for baby:

    In the absence of the baby crib, you will have to encourage the baby to play in the living room or any other large place where the baby can move around.

    However, there might be plenty of hazardous day-to-day objects around. On the other hand, when you encourage the baby to play in the crib, you won’t have to worry about the baby hitting anything.

    Cribs are designed in such a way that they provide a safe sanctuary for the baby to play around. Once you give the baby a few toys in the crib, he/she will continue to play with them safely.

  4. No noise disturbance

    Usually, parents prefer the baby to sleep in the same bed. The problem is that adults often snore or move around a lot in sleep. That is why the baby is disturbed due to this noise or movement.

    If the baby sleeps in the crib, there will be no noise disturbances. The sleep quality of the baby will undoubtedly be better. That, in turn, will promote better growth.

  5. Convertible options available

    You might think that the baby crib is useless after a few years. However, that is not true.

    These days, when you attempt to buy a baby crib, there are a few options available that can be converted into a bed at a later stage.

    If your baby outgrows the crib, you can turn it into a bed. It means you won’t have to worry about buying a separate bed or the baby crib going to waste once the baby outgrows it. That is undoubtedly an advantage you cannot ignore.

    Now that you are aware of the benefits of the baby crib, we will highlight why baby cribs are designed the way they are.

Why are cribs designed the way they are?

Cribs are designed to ensure that they provide a safe sanctuary for the baby. Not only that, they are designed so that the baby can sleep and play in them. To top it all, the cribs are designed with bars to ensure that the baby cannot move out of the crib quickly.

In a nutshell, the baby’s functionality and safety are why cribs are designed in the way they are.

Until what age can a baby sleep in the crib?

Usually, a baby can use a crib between the age of 18 months to 3 � years. Usually, once the child crosses the age of 3.5 years, they are mature enough to sleep on a bigger bed. Not only that, but after that, the crib actually constricts their movement and area of play. That is why; it is not suitable for babies over the age of 3.5 years to use the crib consistently.

Are cribs safe for newborns?

Yes, cribs are safe for newborns. There are quite a few reasons for the same like:

  • Cribs ensure that the babies are contained within the bed area of the crib.
  • Cribs provide safe playing space for the newborn.
  • Cribs provide proper access to the infant.
  • Cribs adhere to the guidelines of the consumer product safety commission.

Due to all of these reasons, baby cribs are entirely safe.

Can a parent sleep while the baby is awake in the crib?

You can keep the baby in the crib when fully awake and sleep for a short time. However, if you’re speaking about sleeping during the night, it is better to let the baby sleep first when the baby is in the crib.

Even though the crib provides a safe sanctuary for the baby, it is still a good idea to monitor the baby since it can move around. If you want to take a nap of 10 to 15 minutes, you can keep the baby when awake in the crib and sleep. Any longer than that is not advisable.

Bassinets vs. Cribs – which is safer?

Among bassinets and cribs, cribs are usually safer. There are essentially two reasons for the same that we will highlight below.

  1. Difficult to crawl out:

    The cribs consist of bars on all sides. Because of the same, the infant or the baby won’t be able to crawl out or move out of the crib. That is why, once you put the baby into a crib, you can remain in the same room and monitor the baby occasionally.

    On the other hand, there are chances that the baby might learn to move out of the bassinet more easily. That is why the crib is safe.

  2. Rigid structure:

    Usually, a bassinet is designed so that you can move or rock it to make the baby sleep. It means that it doesn’t necessarily have a rigid structure.

    A crib, on the other hand, has a rigid structure not designed for moving around frequently. The rigid structure certainly provides a stable enclosure for the baby; therefore, the baby is safe in the crib.


To answer the question, are baby cribs safe? Yes, they are safe. They can make your life easier as a parent since you will have to just monitor the baby when the baby is in the crib. Of course, for the same, you need to choose the right crib. Once you follow the guide above, you will not only understand how safe baby cribs are but also how you can use them in the right way.




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Are Baby Cribs Safe?

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