Tips And Tricks On How To Properly Use Hair Extensions

Tips And Tricks On How To Properly Use Hair Extensions
Tips And Tricks On How To Properly Use Hair Extensions

Tips And Tricks On How To Properly Use Hair Extensions : Having some professional advice at your disposal is always a benefit, regardless of whether you think yourself an expert or are still very new to the scene of hair extensions. There are various tricks that can be utilized to make putting in your wefts even simpler and quicker. Hair extensions may be worn in so many different ways to achieve a range of appearances. Discover the essential tips for using hair extensions by reading on.

Wefts should be angled to merge with layers

Want to add more motion and character to your hairstyle without really having to chop half of it off? Wanting the look of lengthy layers? Uncertain about how to combine your wefts and layers? Or do you just want to preserve the gradient of your cut while adding fullness and volume? Whatever your situation, there is a simple way to use hair extensions to your advantage.

You don’t even need to trim your extensions to create layers with them. Simply attach a 2-clip weft at an angle along either side of your head so that it is longer near your face and shorter at the rear of your head. You will receive lovely, face-framing layers as a result. Yes, it is that simple.

If you still can’t achieve this look on your own, then it might be best to look for the best hair extension experts to help you out. With the advice you’ll get from them, you’ll learn how to properly place your extensions so that they look natural and pretty.

For quicker clipping group two wefts together

This approach is ideal if you want to save time getting dressed in the morning, or if you have a smaller head and find it difficult to fit all of the wefts on your hair. It’s also a great trick if you’re putting your hair up in a sophisticated updo or a partial ponytail since you can still achieve the same level of volume even though you have less available space to work with.

Simply attach one weft over the other when fastening it to your head to get this look. In essence, your hair will still look rich and beautiful even if you simply clip in one weft rather than two. Whatever you do, make sure to securely attach your hair extensions so they don’t detach or fall during the day.

Braid your hair before attaching your extensions

It’s simple for a short hairstyle to push out from them unless you already got long locks and are only utilizing extensions to create volume. This makes the use of extensions more obvious.

Braid your natural hair first if you have a shorter hairstyle, to help fight this.

At the back of the neck, gather the bottom section of hair. Wrap it around itself once you’ve braided it to make the hair lay flat on your head, bobby pins can be used to secure it. The initial extension should then be positioned directly above the pinhole in your hair. Let down your hair after attaching the remaining extensions, and the outcome should appear much more natural.

Adequate storage is essential

It takes more than just knowing how to apply hair extensions. They last a long time as long as they are stored properly. One choice is to set up a dresser drawer solely for storing them securely. However, investing in a hanging hair extension storing pouch is the best choice. Inability to purchase a storage pouch? Put your extensions in a silk pillowcase. They won’t be tangled by this material because it is gentle and fine.

Wash your extensions

This is among the most significant hair extension tricks. Don’t forget to wash your hair extensions from time to time. They start looking lifeless and tend to smell as styling chemicals, debris, grease, and other impurities accumulate on them. Use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner when washing them. Otherwise, you risk causing harm.

Depending on the type of extensions you have, whether they’re made from artificial materials or natural hair strands, you should wash them accordingly. Proper cleaning of the extensions is essential and you should consult with a hairstylist if you don’t know how to correctly wash them.


Hair extensions allow you to express your personality to create a unique hairdo. While there are many ways to design a distinctive look for any occasion, no matter if every day or a formal one, utilizing hair extensions is a fantastic choice.


Whether you want to increase length or volume, they’re a great method to improve your appearance. However, the most crucial thing is to make sure they blend in with your real hair. Make use of these tricks to make your extensions appear as natural as possible.



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Tips And Tricks On How To Properly Use Hair Extensions

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