Are CBD Oil and Hemp Oil the Same?

Are CBD Oil and Hemp Oil the Same? With all the excitement generated by the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, interest in the medical uses of hemp increased exponentially in such a short span of time. Along with this excitement comes the confusion between the both.

Are these two derivatives of the cannabis sativa plant the same? The answer is no, and you can get more information here on CBD products. This article will give you an overview of these two types of cannabis derivatives, discuss their benefits and how you can tell one from the other.

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CBD Oil and Hemp Oil: The Difference

The more accurate term for hemp oil should be “hemp seed oil” because this oil is extracted exclusively from the seeds of the hemp plant. This distinction needs to be emphasized in this discussion as hemp seed oil has a vastly different chemical composition to that of CBD. Hemp seed oil has been around for several decades before CBD started to gain popularity. It has a wide variety of uses, the most popular of which include being used as a skin moisturizer, for hair care and as a component for lotions.

Hemp seed oil also works well as a salad dressing, marinade and for low-heat cooking. The pressing issue for some would be, “does it make you high?” The answer is no. Hemp seed oil has zero amount of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. Hemp seed oil has very little chance of getting you high.

CBD is an oil derived from other parts of a cannabis sativa plant such as stems, flowers and leaves. Since this product is relatively new in the market, it also commands a higher price than hemp seed oil. While more studies need to be done on CBD, its users swear by its effectiveness in relieving pain in muscles and joints, in curing migraines and its anti-inflammatory effects. Hemp seed oil also has this property. Apart from these, CBD also possesses the same properties and usefulness as hemp seed oil in terms of skin and hair care.

Although CBD is extracted from other parts of the cannabis sativa plant, it still won’t give you a high. This is because CBD is also extracted from hemp plants. While marijuana plants also have CBD, it would not be practical to source it from a marijuana strain because it has a smaller yield compared to hemp strain.


CBD Oil and Hemp Seed Oil Benefits

The benefits of CBD and hemp seed oil are similar. However, those who prefer using CBD to hemp seed oil claim that CBD possesses other properties that are beneficial to one’s health. Below are some of the most popular benefits for these two cannabis sativa derivatives:

  • Hemp oil: This oil may be used for beauty products because it can hydrate the skin deeper than most chemical moisturizers. It also helps help you grow a healthier head of hair and make your nails stronger. Hemp seed oil also has analgesic effects.
  • CBD oil: Both have the same properties, but it is supposedly more potent. It also works better at relieving aches and pains and also has anxiolytic properties.

How to Distinguish Products

The key to distinguishing between these two products is by examining the label more closely. If the label says cannabis sativa oil, then it will be hemp seed oil. For CBD, the description will likely be full-spectrum hemp oil.

Keep in mind that some unscrupulous manufacturers will try to exploit the confusion between these products. They will try and sell you a cheaper yet nonetheless effective hemp seed oil for the price of a CBD. Take the time to examine the label before buying the product to make sure that you are paying for the product that you want.






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