Beginner’s Advice for Lifting Weights

Beginner’s Advice for Lifting Weights
Beginner’s Advice for Lifting Weights

Beginner’s Advice for Lifting Weights : If you’ve never really done it before, lifting weights can feel daunting especially if you’re attempting it in a public gym. As a beginner, a lot of gym equipment can look overwhelming and you can often be left feeling self-conscious and even a little confused. The important thing to remember is that at one point, everyone was a beginner when it comes to lifting weights or using gym machines!

It’s helpful to have some knowledge of what you’re doing before you pick up a dumbbell, just to avoid any injuries or accidents. With that in mind, Wellbeing365 take a look at some of the best advice for lifting weights.

Why should you start weightlifting?

Lifting weights can have a positive impact on your overall fitness routine, so incorporating some weight sessions per week could make a difference. Firstly, lifting weights can help you to burn fat and build muscle. This is because muscles are metabolically active, which means they are helping you to burn calories even when you’re not actively exercising.

This can help you to maintain muscle mass while losing fat, which contributes towards a leaner and more toned body. What’s more, by lifting weights you could actually strengthen your bones. As you get older, your bones become naturally weaker but by lifting weights, you could build bone mineral density.

As well as physical benefits, there are also emotional benefits to lifting weights. Exercise can improve your mood and reduce stress, helping you to feel happier and more confident.

Top tips for lifting weights safely

Once you get the hang of lifting weights and have got into a routine that works for you and understand few few basics like what is pr in gym, you can start to really enjoy your exercise regime and experiment with different exercises and combinations! However, to start off with, here are some tips to get you going.

Find weights you’re comfortable with

If you have never lifted weights before, it’s important that you start with a weight you are comfortable with. Consider practising certain exercises using just your bodyweight first, like squats or press ups. Then, gradually increase your weights to your routine, until it feels challenging but doable. Start light, and don’t overdo it or you might injure yourself too quickly.

Make sure your form is perfect

Form is everything in weightlifting and exercise in general, as it help you work out more efficiently and avoids injury. Take some time to learn the correct form for exercises like deadlifts, bicep curls and bent over rows so you can get the most out of your exercise routine.

Adjust your weights to your reps

Whatever exercise programme you’re following, it can be helpful to remember that the more reps of an exercise you’re doing, the lower the weight can be. It’s often recommended that if you’re doing 12-15 reps, a lighter weight can have the most effect. On the other hand, if you’re doing much lower reps, a heavy weight will help you develop further. Making sure you have light, medium and heavier weights nearby during a workout is always handy for this reason.

Consistency is key

As with any sort of exercise, being consistent is one of the only ways you’ll get results. There is little point lifting weights for a couple of weeks and then stopping, only to start again a few weeks later. Find a routine and a rhythm that works around your schedule and aim to do so many sessions per week, even it’s just one or two.

The only workout you’ll regret is the one you didn’t do, so try to be as consistent as you can if you’re hoping to see a positive change!

Don’t forget to rest

Rest days can be just as important as exercising, as it gives our bodies and minds a chance to reset and recover properly. Without a rest day every now and again, you can burn out and quickly become to resent your workouts, not to mention your muscles will be crying for a break!






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Beginner’s Advice for Lifting Weights

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