Best Radar Detectors: Reviews and Comparisons of Popular Models

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Best Radar Detectors

Best Radar Detectors: When you’re shopping around for a radar detector, you need to determine how much you’re willing to spend, consider how frequently you plan to use this type of device and what features you’re looking for based on budget. If you’ve never purchased or even used a radar detector, then reading radar detector reviews can give you a heads up in regards to quality, ease of use, accuracy, and effectiveness.

Each year, manufacturers come out with new and impressive models that offer the latest in detection technology, so it can be difficult to choose a type of radar detector that fits your needs and won’t flatten your wallet.


Radar Detector Buying Guide:

When a cop uses a radar gun to detect speed, these devices use a police broadcast that consists of the KA band and X or K bands. Once the beam hits a vehicle it’s usually too late for the driver to correct their speed in time in order to avoid getting a speeding ticket, but models that offer longer range and improved accuracy can alert you way ahead of time.

The radar detector is designed to monitor broadcasts on KA, X and K bands and alert drivers to these threats as far as twelve miles away. These devices can tell you what type of signal it’s receiving, the band type and the distance from the radar. The more accurate a detector is and the longer their range, the better your chances of avoiding a traffic stop.

When you purchase a radar detector, you’ll want a model that can detect lasers, KA, K and X bands. Most models will feature a different indicator sound for each band type, which makes it easier for the driver to keep their eyes on the road and still be aware of upcoming threats. For nighttime driving, a good radar detector will feature a brightly lit display and a mute option.

Muting the system can give you a much-needed break from a noisy radar detector, especially if you have sleeping passengers. The display will light up, using different colors based on band type. You’ll also want a model that’s equipped with ten decibels of sensitivity and a variety of drive modes to choose from. Often, most models will feature the standard city and highway mode.

City mode should be used around town and works by filtering out signals that can be emitted from electronic devices or other radar detectors in the immediate area. Highway mode is much more sensitive and features a longer range of detection for highway driving.

GPS is an important feature to look for and one that can make your radar detector more accurate, enabling it to alert you to red light traffic cameras, speed traps, and laser guns on your route. Some models will also come with a database of these threats that are filled with up to date information that’s constantly added by other radar detector users.


Best Radar Detectors


Beltronics GT7 Radar Detector Review:

The Beltronics GT7 is our top rated product, receiving a high consumer rating for its standout features and impressive range. Easy to install and use, even for the newbie, the GT7 is equipped with the latest radar detector technology, making it a highly accurate and powerful model. It also offers three driving modes, which helps to tighten up the detector’s sensitivity, based on where you’re driving, be it in the city or out on the highway.

The over speed alert is a great feature for the avid driver who doesn’t pay as close attention to their speed as they should. An alert will sound off once you accelerate over the speed limit, giving you ample time to adjust your speed if you note a speed trap in the area. This detector is definitely the perfect choice if you spend most of your time on the road and it’s a reliable device that you’ll come to depend on.


Escort Passport 9500 IX Radar Detector Review:

The Escort Passport 9500 IX radar detector is a popular model that can be used with the Escort Live smartphone app, which features current information regarding threats in the area. Equipped with GPS and Auto Learn, you’ll receive an analysis for each alert, effectively eliminating a variety of false alerts, making this device one of the most dependable radar detectors on the road. For added protection, you can subscribe to the Defender database which contains information on red light cameras, speed traps, and laser gun locations. A handy app to have if you’re willing to fork over cash every month, but it’s free to try for three months after purchase.


Beltronics 0150000E Magnum Radar Detector Review:

The 0150000E Magnum radar detector by Beltronics is considered a fun, easy to use entry level model that’s reasonably priced and more designed for city driving. It lacks GPS, which is a big downside for most consumers. The Magnum offers a few driving modes for improved accuracy and a fourteen-mile detection range, which is impressive considering other models in this price range only offer about eight miles.

The Magnum also includes the Stealth feature which prevents the radar detector from being detected by law enforcement, however, this isn’t a must-have feature if you live in a state that allows radar detector use. For a heads up on any speed traps, red light cameras, and laser gun use you can download the Escort Live app on your smartphone, a great option considering the lack of a GPS.



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Best Radar Detectors: Reviews and Comparisons of Popular Models

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