Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Girls

Christmas and New Year are far behind us and Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, which means it’s time to start thinking about unique gifts and romantic dinners. After all, it’s always a good idea to buy gifts well in advance to save money and avoid long lines. Or, if you choose DIY gifts, you will have enough time to make them. No matter what you choose, here are a few creative gift ideas for girls that are amazing yet not too expensive.

  1. Personalized card

    This one is perfect for students and people on a tight budget. Creating your own personalized Valentine’s Day card is not difficult and you can save more money for your romantic dinner. If you don’t feel like creating your own Valentine’s Day card, you can buy it and write a personal message so that your sweetheart can feel that you really put some time and effort into preparing the gift. Just remember that store-bought Valentine’s Day cards usually lack that personal touch and chances are your girlfriend will throw it away once Valentine’s Day is over.

  2. Perfumes

    Perfume is the number-one choice for a Valentine’s Day gift, after flowers and chocolates. Giving your girlfriend perfume on Valentines Day is a fantastic idea, but only if you know what she loves. There are plenty of fragrances, such as musky, floral, natural, sandalwood, so make sure you choose the best scent of love.

  3. Jewelry

    buy handmade jewelry
    buy handmade jewelry

    What girl doesn’t love fancy jewelry? No wonder diamonds are a girl’s best friend! Don’t panic! If you can afford to purchase diamonds, or even gold or silver jewelry, why not buy handmade jewelry or make your own one? And it would be marvelous if it is a traditional Irish Claddagh Ring, which is a symbolic piece for love. There are many pieces of jewelry that you can make on your own so let your creativity flow and create the most unique gift she has ever received. Your girlfriend will definitely love this one-of-a-kind gift.

  4. Flowers and chocolates

    It’s probably the most popular Valentine’s Day gift idea for girls. The best thing about this gift that it’s incredibly delicious and breathtakingly beautiful. The worst thing is that you won’t even remember about this gift in a month or two. Nevertheless, it’s an easy, last-minute gift that any girl will love. Just be sure you buy her favorite flowers and her favorite chocolate. If you give her dark chocolate and she loves milk chocolate, your gift will disappoint her.

  5. Handbags

    Again, if you don’t know what handbags your girlfriend wants to have, it’s better to skip this gift idea. However, if she lets you know what she wants, all you have to do is simply to find it and buy it. Depending on the style, size, material and brand, handbags can be rather expensive. As a woman I can surely say that this gift is totally worth the price tag.

  6. Gift certificate

    Whether it’s a spa gift certificate or a restaurant gift certificate, it’s not the last-minute gift idea, you should plan it well in advance. You can buy any gift certificate online and e-mail it directly to your girlfriend’s inbox. If you can’t afford it, consider creating your own gift certificate and have a romantic dinner or spa day at home. It’s a win-win solution!

  7. Shoes

    If your girlfriend prefers to choose her gift and buy it together, chances are she will want to buy a cute pair of shoes. From boots, wedges, heels, to flats and sandals, the options are endless. Don’t purchase shoes without your girlfriend or online to avoid sizing snafus. When buying online, make sure you purchase authentic shoes.

  8. Beauty products

    If you want your girlfriend to remember your gift each time she puts on her makeup, consider giving her any beauty product she needs. It can be anything from foundation, eyeshadow, liners, lipsticks and mascara to moisturizers and facial masks. Ask her what beauty products she needs and go shopping!

While many women complain that it’s hard to pick a good gift for men, most men scratch their heads in dismay and think of the most creative gift ideas for their women. The problem is that we often complicate things. You can ask your girlfriend what she wants and that’s it. Or you can prepare your gift in advance and surprise her on Valentine’s Day. The choice is yours. What other gift ideas for girls do you have? Any to share?




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Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Girls

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