Best Ways to Keep Your Makeup Fresh Longer

These ways to keep your makeup fresh longer are the perfect ones to try. It’s hardly rocket science to keep makeup fresh, and it also involves a little bit of care. Take a look at my list of 7 best ways to keep makeup fresh as long as possible.

1. Keep your makeup neat and tidy

Lidless or broken packages will not only make your makeup look a messy thing, but also affect its expiration date. Your lipstick will start smelling bad and your liquid products will dry quicker. Plus, organisms and dirt will settle in there. Store them carefully so they would not break and recap products after each use.

2. Don’t store your makeup in the bathroom

A lot of women prefer to store their cosmetics in the bathroom, but it’s actually a bad idea! There are too many airborne bacteria, too much steam, heat, and moisture in the bathroom. Does it sound like a perfect place for your makeup? Surely not!

3. Keep your makeup tools clean

Improperly stored, dirty makeup brushes, applicators and sponges spread bacteria so if you dip the dirty brushes into a new product, you will significantly shorten its life. Keeping your makeup tools always clean will not only help you keep your skin healthy, but it’s also one of the best ways to keep your makeup fresh as long as possible!

4. Don’t stick your fingers into a jar

Sticking your fingers into a jar is a common way to apply foundation and facial cream. But try not to stick your fingers in anything you apply on your face since it spreads bacteria. Always use a clean plastic applicator or wash your hands before applying your facial cream.

5. Depot products with broken packaging

Depotting products with broken or damaged packaging is another best way to keep your makeup fresh longer! You can use it even if the package itself is not damaged but just too large to use up. Generously-sized beauty products are more likely to go bad before you even hit the bottom. So split them in half. One half you can use now and the other half you just keep cool and sealed.

6. Refrigerate

Refrigerating your face cream, lipsticks, liquid foundation, even mascara and eyeliners will keep them fragrant and fresh for really long time! I usually do this in summer, but you can make an all-year-round habit out of it.

7. Don’t share your makeup

Do you remember what your mother used to say about the trading clothes? The same thing applies to makeup! You don’t want everyone using stuff you are putting on your face and eyes, right? It’s not only about trading germs, but multiple users would contribute to the problems and make your makeup expire faster.

These ways have helped me to prolong the life of many products and they will help you do the same. How do you keep your makeup fresh longer? Share your thoughts, please!


Best Ways to Keep Your Makeup Fresh Longer