Can Medical Tourism Ever Be Romantic?

Can Medical Tourism Ever Be Romantic? Think of cosmetic surgery procedures such as nose jobs, facelifts and hair transplants, and romance is not the first thing that springs to mind! However, there is a growing trend of couples using medical tourism packages abroad, such as those provided by London-based MedAway as romantic getaways. Is this a good idea, or should you keep your cosmetic procedures separate from your love life?

The general trend is towards mature and established couples cleverly combining a long weekend in the sun with the hair transplant Turkey market for example, plus a spot of filler and a thread lift. When a couple has seen each other warts and all for many years, the idea of escaping to the sun and returning home looking ten years younger plus a tan, can be incredibly alluring! However, the old nip & tuck break is also popular with new mothers.

What types of procedures are suitable for medical tourist breaks with romantic inclinations? Really, any procedures that don’t require an awful lot of downtime. Complex surgery such as facelifts, breast implants, body lifts and anything that involves a general anaesthetic, is perhaps best saved for a time when you can concentrate on your recovery, rather than attempting to take in the sights and sounds of the city square. If a general anaesthetic is generally prescribed for the procedure, then it’s more likely it will be suitable for a getaway with your partner.

You can play it safe with duel Botox injections, or go the whole knock-ten-years-off-me hog, with a thread lift, peel and facial fillers. Men often return from Turkey with a natural-looking hairline, thanks to the capital Istanbul’s 300+ hair transplant clinics, while everything from teeth-whitening to lip fillers is available, at approximately on third to one half of UK prices, and sometimes even less. Just don’t expect to be doing much snogging for a couple of days, while your procedures heal!

Aftercare, food and accommodation abroad can be VIP standard, even if the prices aren’t. If you’re serious about surgery, why potter around at home de-cluttering the garage afterwards, when you can lie by the pool, gin and tonic in hand, with the one you love?

There’s time for shopping, eating and topping up your tan, as well as access to none-surgical treatments such as manicures, pedicures, waxing, authentic Turkish massage, and hair extensions, all for far less than you would pay in the UK.





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Can Medical Tourism Ever Be Romantic?

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