Why Do We Need A Living Room In Shared Houses?

Nine out of 10 shared houses don’t have a living room. Here's why we need them.

Why Do We Need A Living Room In Shared Houses?

Why Do We Need A Living Room In Shared Houses? Shared houses or flat-shares are some of the most common terms mentioned by individuals living in metropolitan cities. These terms are used to refer to various kinds of shared accommodation. Owing to various benefits, shared houses are the first option that an individual considers when moving into a new city.

Not only does shared houses offer the individuals the opportunity to meet new people when they have moved into a new place, but also helps split the rent, electricity and other bills. However, as the need for shared apartments on rent is increasing in the present times, the landlords are trying to smooth their business.

According to a recent analysis by the house-sharing websites that advertise rooms for rent in the USA, a huge number of advertisements did not have any existence of living room in the shared apartments. And, in most cases, the communal space was converted into a bedroom. As per the present scenario, the shared houses are merely a collection of bedrooms that are increasing the profit of the landlord on one hand and mounting the stress of the occupants on the other hand.

Why Do We Need A Living Room In Shared Houses?

We all want to return to a warm nest at the end of all the exhaustion and hard work. Be it a shared apartment or a rented flat where an individual lives alone, it is required that we have access to space where we can relax and create memories. Especially, with the mounting stress and work pressure, one brings home from their workplace, having a well-arranged living room has turned out to be a necessity. Mentioned below are some reasons to emphasize the importance of a living room in shared houses.

  • To take care of your mental health

    Very often, people tend to forget that they need to offer a similar amount of attention and importance to their mental health like they care for their physical health. Moreover, owing to the high-stress levels that one has to handle on a regular basis in their workplaces, it is necessary that we take proper measures to ensure that we are both mentally and physically stable.

    Living rooms play a significant role in this arena. Human beings being social creatures need a space to socialize. Binding them inside a confined space not only poses a threat to mental health but also reduces their interest to indulge in conversations with other people. Moreover, it also reduces his chances to share any problems faced by him and relieve himself.

  • A place for recreation

    A person cannot gather up with five other people in small sleeping places in a shared apartment. Other than being small, it also hinders the privacy of the individual. However, having a living room helps serve the purpose of recreation and entertainment without affecting the privacy of your roommates.

    The living rooms also play an important role when your parents come to visit your place. Temporary sleeping arrangements can be made in the living room and you will be able to enjoy some time with your family. It is also required when you want to plan a movie night or indulge in video games with your office mates and roommates. The living rooms can also serve as spaces where you can host a party or have unplanned feasts with friends.

  • A place to spend your leisure time

    Different people have different tastes and choices when it comes to leisure times. While some enjoy experimenting with various dishes, some enjoy reading books. For the ones who enjoy the company of books, having a well-arranged bookshelf in the living room is all they want. They long for the weekends when they can comfort themselves into a couch, sip on a hot cup of coffee and enjoy reading their current favorite one.

  • To Impress Your Guests

    The living rooms will be the first spot that your guests will notice when they enter your place. Therefore, having a well-arranged and decorated living room will help impress your guests. Moreover, even if you cannot manage a well-arranged living room, they can have places to make themselves comfortable when they reach your house. You cannot make your guests sit in your bedroom. Besides, living rooms can be the best places to enjoy different festivities such as Christmas and Thanksgiving meals with your family and friends.

After a hard day at work, we all long to return to our comfortable dens. Be it a shared apartment or a place where you stay with your friends, you need a place where you can consider having healthy communication with your friends and family.

Moreover, being social creatures, not having the provision to socialize hampers the individuality of the person. One also needs to note that the tolerance levels and expectations vary from one person to another.

While a person can enjoy spending time in his bedroom, some may want to socialize with family and friends. Therefore, it is necessary for every individual to decide and form an informed decision and then select a shared house or an apartment.





Why Do We Need A Living Room In Shared Houses?

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