Canada; The Perfect Active Winter Sports Getaway with Your Better half

Canada; The Perfect Active Winter Sports Getaway with Your Better half : Canada is a perfect getaway destination for those active couples who share a passion for winter sports. Its vast landscape dotted with frozen lakes and snowy peaks, afford solitude and adventure amidst breathtaking scenery. Rare wildlife, splendid slopes, and beautiful cities, Canada has it all.

Winters are severe here, but the locals welcome it with a host of winter activities. It is the best time to explore Canada. So do not forget to pack your all mountain snowboard boots or skis while coming here. Let us take a look at some of the places for a perfect getaway for the active couple.

  1. Whistler B.C.

    Whistler B.C.
    Whistler B.C.

    It is Canada’s most popular ski destination which offers challenging slopes. It is situated on the magnificent Rocky Mountains and has great accommodation facilities. It is however recommended to book early during the season. It is a perfect place for active couples to enjoy winter sports amidst the grandeur of the Rockies.

  2. Ottawa, Ontario

    It is the capital city of Canada. In winter when the world’s largest outdoor rink, Rideau Canal freezes over, hundreds of people flock to it for ice skating. The city also has a number of superb restaurants for the couple to warm up after a day full of winter revelries.

  3. Banff National Park, Alberta

    Banff National Park, Alberta 3
    Banff National Park, Alberta 3

    It is a lovely little mountain village surrounded by the majestic Rockies. This quaint place is also known for its challenging ski slopes. It provides a unique blend of old-world charm and raw Rocky slopes. Lake Louise a short drive away is one of the most beautiful lakes in Canada. An ideal destination for couples seeking romance and adventure.

  4. Quebec City, Quebec

    It is home to the famous Quebec Winter Carnival which is usually held in February. Visit during the other winter months if you want to avoid the hustle and bustle of the carnival. After exploring the beautiful streets, you could book a stay at Hotel de Glace- a hotel totally made of ice! A great place for couples looking to relax after a few days of intense snowboarding or skiing.

  5. Charlottetown, P.E.I.

    Charlottetown, Canada’s smallest province is a fun destination for couples. It is a sort of winter wonderland with an old-world feel. The Brookvale Winter Activity Park is located just out of the city where couples and families could indulge in tobogganing and snowshoeing.

  6. Cold Lake, Alberta/Saskatchewan

    Cold Lake, Alberta Saskatchewan ice fishing
    Cold Lake, Alberta Saskatchewan ice fishing

    Right on the border of Alberta and Saskatchewan, lies Cold Lake. This remote lake is a hot destination for the winter sport of ice fishing. For spending some quality time with each other while ice fishing, this isolated lake is a perfect hideout for couples.

  7. Calgary

    It is one of the best places to visit in Canada during winter. Couples can partake on activities like cross-country skiing, hiking and ice fishing. Fish Creek National Park, a free winter destination in Calgary, has numerous fun activities and games.

  8. Grouse Mountain

    Grouse Mountain
    Grouse Mountain

    Grouse Mountain in British Columbia, takes you away from the crowd and lets you enjoy winter sport in the company of your loved one. A perfect location for snowshoeing, snowboarding and Mountain-top skating. Couples can enjoy movies at Peak’s Chalet Theater after a day full of winter activities.

  9. Newfoundland, Labrador

    With its Marble Mountains, Newfoundland makes one of the best winter destinations in Canada. Every day here is packed with unique experiences and spectacular views. Gros Morne National Park has more than 50 km of skiing trails which is open all year! Here couples can indulge in snowmobiling, snowboarding, skiing and cross-country skiing.


Being a cold country with a varied landscape, Canada is one of the best destinations for winter sports activities. It has rugged peaks which makes exciting slopes for winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding.

Its vastness and grandeur make it an ideal place for couples to escape the busy city life and lose themselves in their preferred winter sport. As always prepare well for the cold. Carry appropriate multi-layered clothing and try to book accommodation in advance. If you want to avoid the crowd, schedule your trip during the offseason after checking if the conditions are ideal for your preferred winter sport.



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Canada; The Perfect Active Winter Sports Getaway with Your Better half