Chest Pain in Women: Recognizing Unique Symptoms and Risks

Chest Pain in Women: Recognizing Unique Symptoms and Risks : It’s a common belief that males are more likely to suffer from heart disease. But in the US, it is the leading cause of mortality for both men and women. Women sometimes lack the knowledge necessary to recognize certain heart disease symptoms since they might differ from those in males.

Luckily, women may start lowering their chances by being aware of their specific heart disease symptoms.

Let’s explore all the symptoms and risks associated with heart disease in this blog.

Common Heart Attack Symptoms

Women often experience heart attacks differently than males, with different symptoms. There are times when women might not have the same typical heart attack symptoms as males, such as intense chest pain that travels down one arm. Women can suffer such heart attack symptoms, but often have silent symptoms that might be ignored.

Here are those symptoms that you must pay attention to:

Body Ache

Compared to males, women experience this kind of pain more frequently. Women who anticipate their discomfort to be concentrated in their back or jaw rather than their upper body and left arm may be perplexed by this. Before it intensifies, the pain can fluctuate. It could awaken you if you are asleep.

Stomach Ache

Heartburn, illness, or stomach ulcers are frequently misdiagnosed as the cause of stomach discomfort that indicates a heart attack.

Breathing Difficulties, Motion Sickness, or Dizziness

You may be suffering a heart attack if you have problems breathing, especially if you simultaneously experience a few additional symptoms.


Even after spending extended periods sitting still or barely moving, some women who experience heart attacks feel incredibly exhausted.


Women who are experiencing a heart attack sometimes break out in an anxious, chilly sweat.

Chest Discomfort

The main sign of a heart attack is chest discomfort; however, some women may feel it differently than males. Anywhere in the chest might experience discomfort, not just on the left side; it can feel like pinching or fullness.

Risk Factors for Women


Compared to males with diabetes, women have a higher risk of developing heart disease.


Women are more likely than males to get heart disease as a result of smoking.


Cardiovascular disease is significantly increased by inactivity.


Menopause often leads to smaller blood arteries rises after due to low estrogen levels.

Depression and Mental Stress

Men’s hearts are less impacted by stress and despair than women’s hearts are. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and adhering to treatment recommendations for various medical disorders may be challenging for someone who is depressed.

Inflammatory Conditions

Heart disease risk factors for both men and women include rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and other inflammatory diseases.

Pregnancy Complications

The chance of the mother developing diabetes and high blood pressure later in life is increased by either condition during pregnancy.

What to do in an Emergency?

Emergency situations frequently happen without warning. No matter what your heart disease symptoms are, emergency doctor Levittown facilities 24/7 by emergency physicians who have received training at facilities in Levittown.





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Chest Pain in Women: Recognizing Unique Symptoms and Risks

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