Clothing Colors to Wear More Often

Sometimes women claim that a certain color might not be for them, but did you know that there are a few awesome clothing colors which are perfect for every woman? I have based my closet the last few years on these clothing colors since I know they always look great. Plus, these colors are really easy to mix and match and they are great colors to wear to work. Here are a few wonderful clothing colors you should begin wearing more often.

1. Purple


One of the best colors that you should certainly wear more often this year is purple. It’s a color of queens and kings, power and authority. I love purple and I think it’s a must-have in every woman’s closet. Purple is a complementary color to all skin types and hair colors, and it can be paired with turquoise or black pieces of clothing. This color looks especially rich on evening and cocktail dresses. Add elegant accessories and you will achieve a perfect image. Even small insets of purple in the piece of clothing will make your image look original and remarkable. Go over the last fashion designers’ collections again, I’m sure you will find your purple!

Purple produces a very calming effect on your mind. It cures depression, anger and melancholy. If you want to normalize your blood pressure, stimulate immunity or have a sound sleep, add purple not only to your wardrobe, but even to interior. They say that purple is the color of dreamers and inventors. Even five hundred years ago Leonardo da Vinci found out that you can make your spirit strong, by simply wearing purple garments or meditating under soft purple rays, like those in a church. Aren’t these arguments enough to start wearing purple?


2. Emerald green

Emerald green

Emerald is a fantastic color for every woman to wear. This color adds a sense of vitality, life and energy, and looks great no matter what your skin tone or hair color is. Emerald green is a fun and a bit adventurous color that is incredibly beautiful for the office, especially if you pair it with a basic color like brown or black. You can add a little bit of flair to your outfit by wearing an emerald green scarf, belt or piece of jewellery. Different cuts and fabrics will create the most various images: from business and reserved to light and coquettish.

As an added bonus, emerald is perfect for women whose skin is prone to redness – any tint of green color will help to make the drawback not so visible. I am sure you will feel the burst of energy by adding emerald clothing to your wardrobe. It’s the color of nature and energy, peace and earth. If you have an important appointment, I advise you to put on something of this color. Emerald produces a marvelous soothing effect on most people. So you will not only attune your companion to a positive communication, but you will calm your own feelings as well.


3. Navy blue

Navy blue

This color is also often called indigo. Every woman looks amazing in navy blue. Although navy blue was very popular in the early 90s, this color is making a massive comeback these days. Fortunately, navy blue looks great on most of us, because blue sends a message of safety, comfort and accountability. And that’s the very reason why most uniforms all over the world are made of this tint.

I love to pair it with white and cream colors, and it also goes awesome with my tan. Choose a stripped model and complete it with anchor themed earrings and you will create an outstanding marine look. It is an ideal choice for a date in hot summer evening! If you decide on light fabrics, you will create a contrast with this deep and saturated color and your outfit will look even more original. You are required to take a pair of navy blue costumes when going on a voyage.

Indigo is a cool and astringent color, thus it is perfect for a work time. It will help you to purify your mind from importunate thoughts and concentrate on your tasks. I wouldn’t recommend you to wear this color at home since you need to create warm and cozy atmosphere at home. Navy blue may be somewhat too strict.


4. Black


Black is a favorite color of most women due to numerous reasons. And the first one is probably its perfect corrective properties! You can conceal any body’s flaw by a wise black outfit. It helps you look thinner and more graceful. My only advice here is not to put on formless and baggy garments because they can disfigure even the most perfect body and you can turn into one big black spot.

This color sends a message of professionalism and sophistication and it can easily be paired with almost any color. Plus, men adore a woman in a little black dress. For more than 90 years Coco Chanel’s invention occupies the first places among women’s favorite clothes! If you wear black in the office, it will send a message of leadership.

When choosing black clothing, consider the fabric and season outside. Wool dresses and jackets will be essential in fall and winter. But in summer opt for chiffon and sateen, you will feel comfortable even under sun rays. Forget about synthetics!, unless you want to faint, of course. One of the biggest pluses of wearing black is that you can experiment with bold accessories. Moreover, red or cherry lipstick will make your look especially striking.


5. Grey


Grey is not as boring as many of us think. It’s actually incredible color to add to your wardrobe. It’s highly appealing to most men, since it sends a signal of softness, coziness and comfort. Plus, it’s a professional color to wear to work. Grey is very neutral and it matches almost everything. People usually associate grey color with intellect, wisdom and discretion. Don’t forget that our brains are made of “grey matter”. If you want to create the impression of a reasonable person, consider wearing grey.

I love grey for its calmness and homeliness. Grey cotton t-shirts and sweaters are great for cold winter evenings spent in front of the fireplace with a cup of hot coffee… you can create a very romantic mood by wearing grey clothes. Try to combine it with white and pastel pink. A woman with any complexion and hair color will not make a mistake if she chooses grey garment. This color will only enhance your beauty! In addition, scholars have proved that our eye can recognize more than 500 tints of grey! I am sure you can find one which suits you best. If you don’t like grey, okay, read on to learn more fabulous colors…


6. Cream


Cream is a great color for you to wear more often since it adds more softness than pink does. Though I like pink, I know it’s not good for each occasion. Cream is marvelously feminine, a bit sophisticated, and on dark skin or pale skin, it looks dazzling! Do not miss the chance to wear cream more often this season. Cream is one of the most universal colors! You can match it with half of your wardrobe and you will never make a mistake. Cream has become very popular with fashion designers, so you can find any piece of clothing you need from underwear to overcoat.

I love to combine cream airy skirts with rough black jackets. Golden accessories complete my look. You can wear cream many years and it won’t go out of fashion. That’s why I love cream coats and jackets. They evoke comforting and warming feelings in cold season.

People usually associate cream color with gold, wealth and maturity. However you can create a very coquettish image by wearing a short cream dress and high heels. Add some bright lipstick and curl your hair. Hey presto! You are the most charming woman in the world. It sounds fantastic, isn’t it?


7. Brown


Although brown may sound a little boring, I personally like this color. It can easily be paired with almost any color, and it compliments almost every skin tone. But I love how it suits my swarthy skin! There is a mass of brown shades from white coffee to almost black. That’s why you can easily pick up one that suits you most. You can wear brown from one season to another. It goes perfectly with trendy leopard prints, and pairs greatly with denim. Brown leather jackets and coats look more natural and attractive. Brown color often means that a natural coloring agent was used, thus you have minimum chances to irritate your skin.

In fact, I associate brown with everything that deals with nature: wood and earth, skin and birthmarks, fur and wool, coffee and chocolate… That’s the reason I love it. Brown might seem boring in the office, but it sends a sense of classic style. Usually, brown is the choice of practical people who prefer stable and steady life, have strong family connections and crave for simplicity. However, try not to overdo with brown since it can cause melancholy and depressive vein that you don’t need at all!


8. Bright blue

Bright blue

While this clothing color is bright and bold, it’s perfect for most skin tones, unlike other bright colors like lime green. If you decide to wear blue for your interview, you’ve got the right idea! Blue associates with peace and wisdom, confidence and rationality. That’s the features a good worker has to possess. Furthermore, it is proved experimentally that blue will double your chances to get the job.

Moreover, bright blue is a wonderful after-five color and it works great for everything from dresses, basic tees, pants to wool coats. Combine blue with white and cream clothes and bold lipsticks to create a fantastic look. It’s one of the colors I recommend you to wear in summer. It will add some freshness and naturalness to your image. When sitting in a stuffy office, look at you blue dress and recall the warm sea and your vacation. Be careful, blue color intensify nostalgic mood!

You can also wear bright blue accessories. They will cheer your business look. They say that blue can develop your creativeness and fantasy. So the next time you get puzzled over your project try on a blue dress, it may really work!


9. Teal


This color is perfect for those who cannot choose between green and blue! Brunettes, blondes and even redheads look gorgeous in this unique shade of blue-green. It will look gentle and feminine on both pale and chocolate skin. Teal is created to emphasize the color of your eyes.

Teal dresses appear in various forms and styles. This is the unmissable color for vacation, beach party and date. I recommend you to avoid wearing this color at work, as it can prevent you from concentrating on the task. If you want to look charming without great efforts, put on a teal dress, add a couple of massive bracelets and do your hair up.

Although teal is a beautiful and rich color on its own, it’s even more beautiful as a print, especially a paisley print. You can pair teal with more neutral colors such as chocolate brown, camel or golden. Even though teal is associated with rest and sea, I would recommend you to try some teal elements in winter: gloves, scarfs, hats and bags are all at your disposal. Such bright spots in your outfit will alleviate the spleen and melancholy and make your look original and extraordinary. Try your creativeness and enjoy it!


10. Burgundy


Great for drama, maroon or burgundy is a show stopper, ideal for any occasion. You can mix burgundy pieces with luxurious prints such as paisleys, brocades, or silk stripes for a more regal look. This color will emphasize the richness of your brown or red hair. You should also try it if you have hazel, emerald or dark brown eyes. I love wearing this color in fall and winter. It creates unspeakable romantic mood. Its rich tint makes an impression of strong character, success and well-being. However, I used to associate this color with warmth, sentimental feelings and precious memories of my life. For an outstanding look, combine a burgundy wool pullover, camel coat and brown gloves. Complete your image with golden jewellery and nice perfume. Or, you can choose career separates using maroon as a neutral. Try mixing it with colors such as cream and butternut. Burgundy looks marvelous and royal on both delicate and rough fabrics, so you can enjoy this color all over the year. Finally, I would recommend you to avoid combining this tint with black, grey and dark blue. Your look may appear too ponderous.


11. Magenta


Magenta is much easier to wear than ultra-bright fuchsia or neon pink, and it looks fantastic on any woman. While almost all shades of pink look amazing close to the face, magenta works as an excellent accent color for most accessories. If you are not ready to wear such a bright piece of clothing, start with jewellery and accessories such as magenta belts, bags, gloves and shawls that will make your look bright and lively.

If your reserved business surrounding cannot allow you to wear bright and cheerful magenta dresses, opt for silk blouses with jabot or high necklines and you will achieve modest and remarkable look at the same time. Magenta looks marvelous with natural calm colors like cream, camel, and gravel. Knitted things will only intensify the beauty of these colors.

This color promotes our health physically, mentally, psychologically and emotionally. Magenta is the color of complete harmony and balance. It can help to liven up your creative thinking, promote romantic and frolicsome mood. A long magenta dress will be the best choice for the first date! Pair it with denim waistcoat or jacket and curl your hair. Consider wearing this color more often and you will fall in love with it in no time.


12. Bronze


Nowadays gold and silver steal most of the metallic spotlight, but not every woman can wear those colors. Bronze looks amazing on almost anyone because of its warm undertones. It’s a dark variant of yellow and gold, thus it sends the signals of friendship, love and life. Bronze is a very natural color. It reminds me of a fire, wood, leaves and sun. That’s why I love wearing this color in winter and fall, as it gives me deficient coziness and warmth. However, it’s believed that bronze is the perfect color for summer as well.

Sure, it doesn’t mean that you should wear a lot of this color. Use bronze as accent pieces (a skirt or a camisole) or try wearing a bronze scarf or hat.You can pair bronze clothing with emerald, green and teal colors. Bronze will help to set off your skin and hair color. Don’t be afraid of using too much gloss; the correct combinations of fabrics, colors and cuts will do the job.

Bronze accessories and jewellery are especially appropriate if you aim to create ethnic look. Use massive bracelets, earrings and rings together with motley patterns in cloth to look your best at an important event.


13. Coral


Bright red and bright orange are great colors, but not perfect for most occasions. Coral is a soft color that you can wear daily. It looks beautiful with tan, deep skin tones as well as a fair skin. Coral is great for any season and it mixes well with other mid-tone bright colors including turquoise, grey and blue. Coral dresses, pants, jeans and coats are all great options. By combining coral clothing with various accessories you can create romantic, business or casual looks in no time. Moreover, you can paint your nails coral to set off the beauty of your hands.

I love to combine my coral jeans with stripped loose t-shirt and sandals. I also love to wear my little black dress with patent leather coral high heels. A coral handbag and skittish teal dress will be ideal for a romantic evening. For everyday look choose a loose shirt, white trousers and metallic shoes. Just add a bit of coral accessories.

Coral is great for parties, dates, vacations, but if you tend to wear coral at work, choose strict jackets and blouses without ruche, insets and striking prints. Otherwise, you might end up looking unprofessional and your boss will definitely notice it.


14. Pink


It seems that I don’t know a woman who dislikes pink! We can earnestly call pink the color of youth, femininity and tenderness. They often say that pink is a favorite color of light-minded people, but I strongly deny it! I believe that pink symbolizes pure kindness and innocence.

Pink adds a fresh glow to all women who wear it. I don’t recommend you to wear this color head-to-toe, but pink is better worn in small doses. For example, you can wear a pink scarf or a pink tee. You can also mix pink with neutral colors and denim. Pink cocktail dresses are perfect for parties and weddings.

Let’s find out how to wear pink and not look like a juvenile princess. Firstly, try to combine pink colors with rough elements. Mix satin pink blouse and black boots, for example. Secondly, choose the tint that will perfectly suits you. Don’t be obsessed with neon tint if it doesn’t work for you. Try to combine pink clothing with leather. Even a small bracelet will make you look more grow-up. Try also biker leather jackets or leather skirt. I would also recommend you to wear pink as a supplementary color but not the main one. These simple tips will help you to avoid a flop with pink color.


15. Violet


Most people associate violet color with emotions, perception, fantasies and dreams. Violet, as well as its tints, helps to gain harmony and stimulates our ingenuity. They say people who prefer violet are unique and extraordinary; they don’t like to be a part of a crowd. Isn’t it an argument to try violet?

With a bit of purple and a touch of blue, violet works on any complexion and brightens any feature. Violet dresses, sweaters, scarves, coats and jeans are all excellent options. Since violet works great with dark neutral colors, it’s perfect as a color pop under a grey, navy or black jacket. This is a perfect choice for cocktail or evening dress. Always complement your look with metallic jewellery or accessories.

There are a mass of violet tints including lavender, lilac, electric violet, and mauve. Violet can be really flattering if you find the tint, which suits you best. If you are a blonde with grey or blue eyes try wearing lilac. It looks outstanding against fair skin. Lilac and lavender tints will suit swarthy and tanned girls as well. They will accentuate the rich tone of their skin.

Many shades of greens, blues, and some basic colors look amazing on almost every woman. Pinks, reds, yellows and oranges are also beautiful colors, but, unfortunately, they look good on certain skin tones. Try wearing the colors mentioned above more often and you will love them! What are your favorite clothing colors?


Clothing Colors to Wear More Often