Clothing Every Woman Should Own

Every woman is fabulous in her own way and every woman can look fabulous too. There are five items every woman should have in her closet. Looking good isn’t just natural as some men think. It takes some know how. To look professional when needed, sexy when desired and classy all the time every woman should have these 5 items in her possession.

1. A Black Skirt or Pants

Every woman should have at least one black skirt or pair of pants. Preferably both. Depending on your shape a pencil skirt may be your best choice. If you have big hips a better option is an A line skirt that is fitted at the waist, touches the hips and thighs but does not cling. For a full figure, free flowing is better. If choosing pants make sure they fit properly and have them hemmed or fitted if necessary. Looking sloppy with too long hems or extra fabric at the thigh or knee area won’t flatter anyone. Black can be worn for all occasions from a casual encounter to a night on the town.

2. A Colored Blazer or Leather Jacket

Both would be nice, but if necessary choose one. A blazer is great for work and dresses up any old chemise that might be hanging in the closet. If choosing a vibrant color such as pink or green, the shirt worn under it should be a neutral. A short leather jacket looks great on any occasion. It can be thrown over any shirt and bring a cool sophistication to any outfit. You can also wear a leather jacket over your prom dress. Just check out a few websites, like Teen Vogue, and find out more information about prom dresses. I recommend Teen Vogue because here you will find information about all prom dress trends at every price. For thinner forms a leather jacket should come to just above the butt. For the fuller forms a jacket that cuts at the hips is best to enhance the look of an hour glass waist.

3. Fitted Jeans in a Dark Color

Jeans that fit right are every woman’s best friend. Good jeans should fit perfectly at the waist, and taper down to a loose fit at the bottom. This type of jean flatters every shape. A dark color like navy or charcoal grey is perfect for everyday wear. It gives a relaxed look that can be snapped into an evening outfit by adding a spiffy colored blazer or leather coat. Remember jeans should enhance the look of your butt. If they don’t, throw em back on the rack.

4. Eye Catching Flats

Heels look great but they aren’t acceptable for every circumstance. Don’t cheap out when buying flats, they will be well used in many situations so comfort is a must. A solid bottom with some cushion is essential. If buying only one pair, look for a neutral color such as beige, black, grey or brown. Find a shoe with a great accessory, some colorful jewels, beads, bows, buckles even feathers. Choose a neutral shoe with a little something extra that makes it pop. Shoes like this will zap any outfit into a 10. If choosing flats with a pattern stick to the neutral tones. Patterns like plaid look great in bright colors. Animals prints are in and they also look great in a multitude of colors.

5. Knee High Boots

Knee highs make all legs look sexy. If you have a more plump thigh or a little belly you’ll be surprised how knee high boots will create a slimming effect and will draw the eye away from these areas. Typical riding boots without heels are nice and look good with jeans, tights and skirts. A little heel adds some height and changes the way a woman stands. A heel will have a woman standing straight, shoulders back and looking the perfect picture of class. Knee high boots look also great with some cocktail dresses, homecoming dresses and even prom dresses. Some girls think it’s difficult to pair knee high boots with prom dresses, but it’s not as hard as it seems.  Knee high boots are a must have for every woman!

With these 5 items every woman can make a casual or dressy look work for them. These pieces are interchangeable which makes them indispensable. Every woman should spend a little money on these 5 items to have quality options to base outfits on. With these 5 pieces every woman can be the belle of the ball.


Clothing Every Woman Should Own