Finding the Perfect Wedding Shoes

Finding the Perfect Wedding Shoes : For many women, shoe shopping is a fun and sometimes addictive pastime. There’s something about matching the perfect pair of shoes with an outfit, or maybe just buying a pair because you love it so much you just can’t pass up the opportunity. Despite all this shoe love, footwear tends to take a backseat to all the finery on one of the most important days of your life: your wedding day.

While it’s true that the bride’s dress will be the main topic of conversation –usually followed by her hairstyle – the importance of wedding day shoes cannot be ignored. Each pair of bridal shoes with can greatly enhance your wedding look. If you’re planning a wedding and want to make the best footwear choice from their exclusive collection, here are some tips to help you get started.

1. Synchronize your look

When choosing shoes for your wedding, it’s important that they harmonize with your dress in style and color. Remember that not all whites (or reds or purples or greens!) are the same, and that even a slight variation in shades can throw off your entire look.
To avoid a busy look, mix styles. If you chose a cool, understated dress or suit, shoes with eye-catching embellishments can add sparkle and glam to your look; if you’re wearing a gown that already has a lot going on in the way of “extras”, a simpler shoe is usually your best bet.

2. The height of fashion

The height of your bridal heels can depend on many things. Some women put comfort at the top of the list, while others choose heel height based on what best complements their leg shape; some may even base their choice on how tall they want to appear in relation to the groom. Nowadays, you can see anything from daringly high, sexy heels that complement shorter shirts to ballet flats that enhance a thin, waifish look.
Be sure to wear heels of the same height as your chosen wedding shoes when getting fitted for your dress. The alterations will be based in part on the shoes you plan to wear for your big day and any variation at the fitting can lead to unhappy results when it’s time to walk down the aisle.

3. Comforting thoughts

While we all love to look great, comfort and practicality should be taken into consideration as well. The willingness to “suffer for beauty” on the big day is understandable, but really who wants to be standing for hours in painfully pinching shoes, trying not to grimace on your wedding photos? Trying on wedding shoes requires more than a 30-second walk across the boutique; really give them a try and consider any special circumstances that might come into play. Will you be spending time outdoors at your wedding or reception? Do you have any foot or leg issues that make certain types of shoes off limits?

While it may seem as though a lot goes into picking out wedding shoes, making a good choice will be well worth it. From the walk down the aisle to the fist dace, the right wedding shoes will help make your special day even more beautiful.



Finding the Perfect Wedding Shoes