Composite Resin to Fix Gaps in Teeth

Composite Resin to Fix Gaps in Teeth : Decayed teeth can be more prone to breaking, chipping, or fracturing, exposing the nerve. Make sure you don’t let it go too long before seeing a dentist because you’ll be at risk of developing (or continuing to create) infection in the tooth. At the same time, clean them regularly and floss them daily to prevent significant damage.

Ideally, the aim should be to protect them against all odds and keep them healthy. Here are certain things you can do for your dental health.

Fixing dental damage with composite resin

Dentists generally use composite resins to fill broken or decayed teeth, but let’s say you’ve chipped a tooth or two. The dentist will apply a resin powder and other materials blended in by the technician to your mouth at the time. Once placed in your mouth and settled, it’ll be an inert material for years. It’ll be translucent rather than solid like amalgam, and you don’t have to worry about them degrading over time because this filling material erodes at a minimal rate.  And you call this process nothing but dental bonding.

Don’t worry about its appearance as the experts fashion the material to match the color of your teeth and apply it into the cavity/teeth to patch up scratched and broken teeth. If you don’t know, a composite resin filling can make short teeth appear longer and serve as a more cosmetic alternative to amalgam fillings that fail to meet modern aesthetic needs.

Things to learn about composite resin

The composite resin keeps your tooth filled and intact as a part of a cosmetic strategy until you might need to have a dental crown. The doctor molds the material over the teeth, usually around the front ones, to make them straighter and broader, which qualifies as a beautiful smile. So, if you have a chipped tooth or any such problem that is easy to fix with this treatment, you can go for it hassle-free. For help, you can consider visiting any Oyster Bay, NY dentist who performs dental bonding.

In most cases, the cost of bonding varies from USD$300 to USD$600. It can seem expensive initially, but it is a perfect way to treat problems with your teeth’s appearance, and it usually lasts a very long time. Many insurance companies do not cover oral cosmetics, regardless of whether or not you have a medical necessity for having your teeth cosmetically fixed. Even if your dental insurance doesn’t cover the fee of the entire process, you can still ask for a price quote before any work starts – this way, you can ensure that you are getting at least some good deal.

Composite resin VS other restoration procedures

The composite resin restoration is similar to a porcelain filling or even a mercury amalgam filling but doesn’t contain any hazardous materials. It means you’re less likely to experience adverse side effects and still get long-lasting results without sacrificing aesthetics. Also, unlike these other options, composite resin bonding can suit your front teeth where different fillings would look mismatched and dark. As it is a painless and non-invasive process, you can opt for it without any worries. Dentists can perform this restoration technique within an hour or more in one visit.

Maintenance of composite resin bonding

Unlike when you receive a veneer, a dentist doesn’t buff your tooth when fixing any damage to your composites. Your patch-up will also not look as strange as traditional ones. While they chip or break less frequently, you don’t have to consider another expensive procedure like a crown or veneer. However, it doesn’t also imply that you don’t have to care for them. The more you maintain them, the better they will last. You only have to ensure a few things, though. For example, avoid biting hard objects like pens, ice cubes, candies, etc. All these can be harmful to the dental bond. Since this habit is not suitable for your natural teeth, it’s better to stay away from all these items, even otherwise also, to avoid chipping and breaking your teeth.

It’s also essential to remember that resin doesn’t defend itself well against stains. You will risk surface discoloration if you indulge in too much coffee or beer and smoke a lot. And worse, you cannot make the bonded tooth white again. If you stain it, you will have to visit your dentist for a fix. In this case, they will most likely recommend a replacement. Or they can even suggest an alternative, which can be expensive and irreversible.

Are you a suitable candidate for dental bonding?

Dental bonding is best for minor repairs to teeth that are not permanently damaged. It can help repair minor chips and cracks, but it probably won’t help if you lost a tooth (or most of the tooth) or if your tooth looks severely damaged from dental decay or root canals. Instead, you might consider getting a dental implant and not dental bonding in that case. A dental implant will allow your dentist to replace the missing tooth with a solid fixture that serves as an artificial root system, supporting a crown or cap.

Further, tooth bonding works with people who don’t want to change their teeth’ color. But if you wish for a white and bright smile, you would need to go for teeth whitening before this treatment. It will help the dentist choose a closer shade for your bonding material. Else, there can be a mismatch of expectations.

Dental bonding is a great way to improve the appearance of your smile. Bonding can repair chipped, cracked, or discolored teeth. It can close gaps between teeth or change the shape of your teeth. Since it is a matter of one office visit and does not require anesthesia, you have to find a day when your schedules are slightly relaxed. You can use that time to get this procedure done that promises to last several years with proper care and maintenance. Also, don’t forget to find a trustworthy and experienced dentist for this treatment. Anyone with expertise and knowledge of advanced cosmetic dentistry can be more reliable.





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Composite Resin to Fix Gaps in Teeth

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