Curvy Girl Fashion Tips

If you have a voluptuous body, don’t get embarrassed. You can still look sexy and fashionable! There are some fashion tips for curvy girls that will help you to make the right choice and will help you to look sexy and fashionable. Read on!

1. Choose a pencil or straight skirt

One of the best fashion tips for woman who has a voluptuous body is to choose straight skirts or pencil skirts with a heavy upper portion. Match it up with chiffon blouses, or loose silk blouses. This will help you look great on a casual basis. Accentuate your look with a fashionable scarf and beautiful jewellery.

2. Don’t wear dark colors

For curvy girls, concentration on areas where flab is less is really significant. Try wearing dresses, which are light and bright in color, since dark-colored clothing will highlight your upper body and make you look fat. You can also choose neutral colored clothing that can make you look thinner. Also pay attention to the fitting part that plays a significant role in making you look great.

3. Use belts to complement your body shape

Even if you have a voluptuous body, why not take advantage of your curves? Wear belt on your waist, it will give an edge to your heavy upper body. Pay attention to dresses you wear. Choose those that complement your body shape. For casual dressing you may want to choose hemline dresses. Avoid wearing deep necklines and don’t wear a black belt because it doesn’t make you super thin!

4. Wear high heels

Don’t like high heels? I want to give you the reason to like heels! High heels can go really well with your figure, since it diverts the attention away from the heavy bust line. You can also choose wedge heels that are more comfortable to wear a daily basis.

5. Choose delicate jewellery

Finally, girls, if you have a voluptuous body, you need to choose only delicate jewellery like chains and small pendants. Try to stay away from junk or bigger jewellery pieces. This will make your upper body look even heavier.

Remember even the smallest details can make you look great and sexy. Flaunt your figure with confidence! Do you have any other tips for curvy girls? Share your thoughts, please!


Curvy Girl Fashion Tips