Dealing With Burnout- 5 Tips For Busy Women

Dealing With Burnout- 5 Tips For Busy Women
Dealing With Burnout- 5 Tips For Busy Women

Dealing With Burnout- 5 Tips For Busy Women : Burnout happens to everyone at some point in their career. You suddenly seem to hate your job, and getting ready for work seems like punishment. The reasons may vary, but a work-life imbalance is the most common one.

For obvious reasons, women are more susceptible to burnout because it is hard to handle work, home, and kids together. Bias at the workplace, toxic office culture, and an uncooperative partner at home make things worse. But you can take some tangible measures to deal with burnout and reset your mental wellness. Let us list a few for you.

Put free time on your calendar

If you struggle with work-life balance, it is time to rework your schedule. Find ways to put free time on your calendar between work and home. Some planning will help you create space on the weekends, while you may even get a daily dose. Try to wake up an hour earlier every morning to ensure you get some alone time. Don’t put off non-urgent tasks till weekends because you may end up piling the load for the “free” days.

Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness goes a long way in preventing burnout, no matter how stressed and loaded you feel. Start with it first when you wake up in the morning and do it at your desk whenever you feel negative feelings seeping in. Focus on your breathing flow and awareness of your feelings without judgment. It helps you handle stress and face work situations more confidently.

Find a relaxation aid

A relaxation aid can work like magic when you feel close to burnout. Soak in a tub of warm water and ask your partner to give you a massage at bedtime. You can try cannabis to do away with anxiety and fatigue, but make sure you choose a strain that works. Trying the larry bird strain is a good idea. It helps you relax, addresses fatigue and depression, and even induces sleep. You will wake up fresh and ready to take all the challenges at work the next day.

Get some exercise

It may sound counterintuitive to go for a run or spend an hour at the gym when you have a long day ahead or have already slogged through it. But exercise can actually make you feel better. It stimulates the release of endorphins, the feel-good hormones that lift your mood instantly. Pack half an hour of exercise into your schedule, and you can handle work stress better.

Seek support

If nothing seems to help, you may be on the brink of serious burnout. Don’t hesitate to seek support because it can save you from going over the edge. Your spouse, best friend, or supportive co-worker can help. You may even seek advice from a professional therapist if you find things to be out of control. Timely help can keep you going, so ask for it before things get worse.

Burnout is challenging to deal with, but the right approach and timely action can help. Try to find joy in little things and lean on your family. Consider a job switch if the pressure seems too hard to bear. Nothing is worth losing your sanity!





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Dealing With Burnout- 5 Tips For Busy Women

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