Decipher Dress Codes and Follow Them Appropriately

Deciphering dress-codes is not an easy thing. There is always a difference between phrases: “Look well”, “Dress flashily” or “Appear underdressed”. Happily, nowadays modern society’s attitude to fashion isn’t so strict, so people do not prefer purely smart dress for casual events. But there are some cases when it’s absolutely necessary to follow the dress code. Have a look at the ways on how to decipher dress codes and follow them appropriately.

1. Cocktail

Cocktail dress codes are often required at parties and weddings. Women wear majestic knee-length dress, even though the length can vary these days. If dresses aren’t your favourite ones, you can show up wearing smart suit. Men are free to dress up suits without a tie. Cocktail dress code is mostly universal by having no restrictions. Moreover, it has much in common with formal styles.

2. Smart casual

Smart casual is one of the most defined dress codes in the world. This dress-code can be treated differently. The main point is to be on a level and look magnificent. Women prefer smart dresses and skirts, and sometimes they team jeans with heeled shoes and blazer jackets. Men give preference to shirts, mostly of bright colours. By all means, try to be more “stylish” than “casual.”

3. Black tie

When having a “black tie” event, it is accepted to dress according to the formal style. It is necessary to follow the rules of this style without any exceptions. Women usually choose formal full-length dress. Different accessories can enrich your individuality level, but do not try too hard. Men’s casual set includes: black tuxedo, black bow-tie and elegant shoes.

4. Lounge suit

“Lounge suit” and “Cocktail” dress codes are mostly the same. These dress-codes are so equivalent that it seems a bit confusing. If “lounge suit” is required, women should make an accent on a marvelous full-length dress. You can look amazing, using jewelry and outfits. Men have to wear a suit with a tie.

5. White tie

“White Tie” dress code is considered to be the top formal out of all. Such events are usually very glamorous, so it requires an appropriate preparation. Full-length gowns completed with gloves are casual women’s outfits by that case. Ladies have their smart hair worn up. Men usually choose three piece suit with white bow-tie and a tailcoat.

6. Formal or black tie optional

The definition “optional” in dressing is quite risky. This dress-code is a middle part between “lounge suit” and “black tie”. Full-length gown is the best variant for women. Men can wear tuxedos.

7. Free dress code

When visiting such an event, you are absolutely free to make a decision what to wear. It is easier to create your outfit and style, having an idea about the type of event, location and time of a day. The host of the event and guests can give you a hint how to dress, if you are confused about that fact.

Every dress code has its meaning. Usually, informal dress codes are more available and offer you a broad freedom of choice. Do you prefer to “dress flashily” or “appear underdressed”? What are your secrets to get dressed for the occasion right?



Decipher Dress Codes and Follow Them Appropriately