Deluxe Tour Of Berlin

Deluxe Tour Of Berlin
Deluxe Tour Of Berlin

Deluxe Tour Of Berlin : Set on both sides of the Spree River, Berlin is the cultural and historic hub, as well as the capital city of Germany. It is a profound culmination of cultural immersion, festivals, theatres, art galleries, and museums, with multiple attractions for just about anyone.

Though Germany is considered a great place to travel, Berlin, in particular, is the home to luxury and an active nightlife for those who wish to enjoy it. If you’re looking to let loose after a stressful period, Berlin is the place to unwind and relax.

Continue reading to know more about Germany’s charismatic capital.

The Best Place to Stay in Berlin

Berlin is known for its unique array of neighborhoods. So, if you’re looking for laid-back and chic accommodation, we recommend the Kreuzberg or Friedrichshain districts, which are the trendiest areas of the city and have relaxing cafes, thrift shops, and sprawling Viktoria Park. Whereas, if you have classier tastes, the posh regions of Mitte and Charlottenburg would be ideal for you.

Some of the most famous regions in Berlin are listed below for your consideration.


Often the first choice for many new visitors, Mitte is known for being home to the city’s top attractions.

Because Mitte was part of East Berlin, the area is rich in museums, landmarks, and beautiful architecture. Ideally, if you want to be close to the action, Mitte would be your spot, as it is close to most attractions. However, if you’re looking for trips on a budget, we recommend Kreuzberg or Friedrichshain instead.


Kreuzberg is the funky central district, and it is ideal for those tourists looking to experience the rich local culture of Berlin.

Found south of Mitte, the area is still close to some of the city’s most sought-out attractions, such as Checkpoint Charlie, the Topography of Terror, sections of the Berlin Wall, and the East and West border checkpoint.

Though Kreuzberg doesn’t have the glamour of Mitte, it does serve as the next best alternative. East Kreuzberg has a strong heritage and local culture surrounding it, which is best for those searching for an artistically pleasing trip.

Throughout the years, Kreuzberg has undergone various changes. Although, in recent times, it has become a prime residential spot for Berlin youth due to its affordability. This new population encourages a wave of hipster-style aesthetics and culture, such as vintage shops, clubs, and new-age restaurants. Youthful travelers may seriously consider staying in Kreuzberg, as it has Berlin’s best locations for food, relaxation, and partying. Whereas, if your taste is more mature, we recommend the comfort of Mitte or Charlottenburg.

Comparatively, it’s worth knowing that Kreuzberg is also one of the few regions of Berlin with an exceptionally active nightlife. Besides clubs and partying, Kreuzberg is home to numerous legalized escort services, one of them is Target Escorts company. In general, nightlife activities aren’t hard to find, and many locals or even hotels can take you directly to them.


Being in Berlin’s premier district, shopping fanatics would love Charlottenburg for the upscale boutiques located along Kurfürstendamm. It is also home to Kaufhaus des Westens (KaDeWe), renowned as Europe’s largest department store.

Other than shopping, Charlottenburg is an ideal choice for cultural festivities too. If you’re a fan of performing arts, you’d be glad to know that there are various musicals and operas in this district, which attract audiences from all over the country. Along with that, Charlottenburg is also home to Schloss Charlottenburg, a palace that is arguably one of the most alluring tourist attractions in Berlin.

Recommended Hotels for Each Region

  • Mitte

    The Generator Berlin Mitte is a go-to choice for many tourists. Located in northern Mitte, it is stylish with well-lit, contemporary rooms.

  • Kreuzberg

    Our pick from hotels in Kreuzberg would probably be the Mondrain Suites Berlin at Checkpoint Charlie. This four-star resort is located near Checkpoint Charlie and the Kochstraße U-Bahn station.

  • Charlottenburg

    In Charlottenburg, the H10 Berlin Ku’damm is our pick. It is located near Kurfürstendamm’s shopping region, which is great for those who wish to spend their time shopping. It is accompanied by soundproofed apartments, which helps in blocking out the bustling sounds of the busy area, ideal for a business trip.

Recommended Food Places in Berlin

Prenzlauer is possibly the best region to look for food in Berlin. We highly recommend you explore the area near the Old Town Hotel. Located around Kollwitzplaz and along Kastanienallee, the region is filled with delicious local food options and fine-dining restaurants.

Other than that, we also recommend Nobelhart and Schmutzig. This central Berlin restaurant represents the best of German cuisine fine dining. Its unique menu items and traditional Nordic cuisine have received a lot of hype.

Berlin has it all, for just about everyone. Whether it’s a business or luxury trip, you will find more than enough opportunities to thoroughly enjoy this historic city.





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Deluxe Tour Of Berlin

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