Tips to Maintain the Right Posture

Tips to Maintain the Right Posture : Posture means the position in which someone holds their body when standing or sitting. In other words, having the right posture means that the three neutral curves at your neck, mid-back, and lower back should not deviate from their usual curve.

Making sure your body is in the right posture whether you are sitting, standing, or walking is very important to prevent injuries and health-related problems.

Poor posture can affect your health in many ways. It misaligns your musculoskeletal system, causes neck pain, decreases flexibility, affects your balance, and many more. It’s always good to approach a chiropractor for posture correction to help you regain the right posture. Chiropractors assess the spine, the way you walk and stand to identify the problems and find customized solutions for your problems.

However, to maintain the right posture, there are few things that you can incorporate into your daily life. Let’s look into a few of them.

  1. Sit with the right posture

    For the ones who have a desk job, there is no way you can do it without sitting for long hours in front of your system. But what you can do is sit with the right posture. Whenever you lean forward or hunch, the body’s posture is damaged thereby leading to postural deviations. So, it’s important to maintain a neutral back and prevent inward rotation of shoulders. Also, you can make use of exercise balls to avoid the bad practice of prolonged sitting but you shouldn’t use them very often. By sitting on the exercise ball, you can engage your muscles at the core and help the spine to stabilize.

  2. Have an active lifestyle

    Staying active can help you maintain the right posture. But there are few activities you can do, like yoga, tai chi, and a few other exercises which help you maintain the right posture. Core workouts that target muscles around the back, abdomen, and pelvis would benefit in a great way to have the correct posture.

  3. Lift with proper form

    Whenever you are lifting something from the ground, make sure you have a neutral back. Rounded back or overarching back, any of these two deviations would damage the whole kinetic chain. So, whenever you are lifting something from the ground, make sure you have a neutral back all the way through. Along with this, if you are someone who is into weight training, make sure you perform the compound movements like deadlifts, squats, and any other exercise that involves your lower back with a neutral spine.

  4. Fix your driving position

    While driving, you can put a pillow at the lower back to maintain a neutral spine and be comfortable throughout. Ensure your knees are at the same level as your hips, if not higher. You can also move your seat close to the steering to avoid a rounded back. So, make the adjustments accordingly to feel comfortable and maintain the right posture.

  5. Stretch and walk frequently

    It’s easy to get carried away with your work, but your body will thank you if you move a little bit. Set the timer for every 45 minutes, when it rings, say hi to your subordinates in the next room or go out to get some water. Find your ways to move every 45 minutes or so to just let your muscles relax.


Many people don’t pay enough attention to posture unless they get injured because of bad posture. But instead of waiting till that long, you can take care of it from this moment itself by following all the above-mentioned tips. You can consult a certified health professional if you want a deep insight regarding the same. We hope this article helps you in maintaining the right posture and keeps you away from posture-related injuries.






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Tips to Maintain the Right Posture

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