Freedom to Travel The World: Top Trends For 2021

Freedom to Travel The World: Top Trends For 2021 : As the world is steadily recovering from the mayhem caused by COVID-19, borders are starting to open up. Now more than ever, people are cautious about traveling because their options are limited – but they still want to travel.

After spending several months in lockdown, they’re ready to breathe in the fresh air again, but with parameters. As of immediate response, the travel industry will rush to cater to the changes in travel expectations, behaviors, and needs. Travelers will demand an increased level of safety and more sustainable, regenerative travel offerings.

Undoubtedly, we’re looking at new dawn after the coronavirus pandemic dies down. It might still be months to travel with ease, but the statistics will look dramatically different. But that doesn’t mean traveling is over; it’s still happening, but at a cautious pace.

So without further delay, continue reading to know the future of tourism in 2021.

  1. Growing Wanderlust

    Amongst the whitecaps of travel intervals – ongoing uncertainty and restrictions – our inborn human desire to travel the world has not been narrowed. Travelers tend to take a similar number of trips, both domestic and international, in the 12 months after travel restraints are lifted in the city, as they did in the pre-pandemic year.

    Our time at home has made us crave for the outside world more than ever. 9 out of 10 people wish to see even more of the world and travel more in the coming months to make up for the lost time. Countless people will rebook a trip they had to cancel.

    With this, we can expect the travel agencies to get very creative in 2021 with new suggestions and itineraries designed to capture the thoughts of travelers who missed out last year. An increase in demand for hospitality and tourism professionals leads students to opt for a travel and tourism degree to know more about the latest trends in tourism.

  2. Travel Safety

    As mentioned earlier, travelers will take more precautions due to COVID-19 and look to the travel agents to prepare for this new normal. Travel associations and governments will have to work together to set strict criteria to help keep travelers safe. With expectations at peak, some businesses and destinations will need to work harder to re-claim visitors’ trust.

    Many travelers will avoid sketchy destinations, and tourist terminuses will have to adapt to social distancing. Other than that, most travelers will only book accommodation if it is clear what hygiene and health policies it has in place. In short, people will favor accommodations that have sanitizing and antibacterial products.

  3. AI and Virtual Assistants

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) habits data to predict information based on past behavior. It’s the reason why enterprises like Spotify, Netflix, and Amazon can offer you personalized entertainment choices.

    It can also suggest suitable entertainment choices in destinations and offer other tailored recommendations. In addition to this, virtual assistants like Siri can offer journey updates. As a result, travelers can be more aware of what they will be looking forward to while traveling.

  4. Leisure

    The blend of luxury vacations and business travel continues to be a travel trend. While travelers are pausing to ask curious questions of themselves about future travel like:

    • What do I want to experience?
    • Where should I go?
    • What do I want to discover?
      More people want to travel and get to know local societies where they do travel. Part of this impetus is with schooling and remote work. It’s much easier to book more prolonged trips and blend school/work-life by exploring a new destination. Moreover, it is appealing to head to a warmer, sunnier climate with fewer COVID-19 infections.
  5. Up-to-Date Data on Restrictions

    One of the most intricate travel trends of 2021 knows broader guidelines and travel restrictions. As the pandemic forces the countries to close and open borders with different lockdown rules, it is necessary to have a tool that keeps them updated. For instance, the COVID-19 Entry Restrictions solution offers minute-by-minute, accurate details on restrictions in any destination.

  6. More Bang for your Buck

    The financial aftermath of the pandemic will inevitably see people mandate more bang for their buck in the future. Travelers will be more price-conscious when searching and planning for a trip, and they will hunt down promotional packages. However, the customers expect more and go beyond price tags.

    Many people want travel booking platforms to improve their transparency about refund processes, cancellation policies, and trip insurance options. Most of us consider flexibility and refundable accommodation to change dates without being charged extra for our next trip.


The innovations we’ll witness next will bring even more change, with remarkable online experiences influencing future travel planning and behavior. Travelers would be more pleased to go into an unknown location if they could scout it out earlier via virtual reality (VR). In addition to this, travelers’ desire to travel will be stronger than ever – 2021 will be a year of reconnection and renewal.






Freedom to Travel The World: Top Trends For 2021




Freedom to Travel The World: Top Trends For 2021

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