Demons of the Past: How Unresolved Trauma Can Surface From Within

Demons of the Past: How Unresolved Trauma Can Surface From Within : Although you might take the view that some things are best left in the past there are some issues that can easily resurface at a later date if the trauma that you experienced was left unresolved.

Experiencing a drug and alcohol rehab program is a great example of how you are shown a way to deal with those demons in a way that ensures they don’t come back to haunt you at some point in the future.

Here is a look at the impact of unresolved trauma and some pointers on how to tackle those demons from the past in a positive way.

You often feel that you are to blame

Playing the game is a familiar scenario and it usually means that you feel responsible for the things that happened to you in the past and how you dealt with them.

It is not uncommon to experience feelings of shame and guilt that cloud your judgment when it comes to understanding the underlying problem that led to the trauma in the first place.

It is often the case that when you get the opportunity to talk about your problems with a group of like-minded people and a network of professional support you can see the issues of the past in a different light.

Having that alternative perspective will often help you to understand what led you to take the actions that you did. When you are able to come to terms with what caused you to have problems it will help you to stop blaming yourself and finally put a line in the sand so you can move on.

Spotting the signs of unresolved trauma

It is only natural that you will probably adopt the typical human response to trauma which is to go into a state of denial and try to suppress the memory of the trauma.

However, that is only storing up problems that will most likely surface at some point in your life unless you address the cause and effect of your trauma and find a way to have peace with yourself once you have dealt with it once and for all.

Typical symptoms of unresolved trauma include addictive behaviors and a very low level of self-esteem.

Basically, your emotional health will have been compromised by a traumatic event and it will have an impact on your life and close relationships unless you recognize the symptoms and seek a way to address the root cause of your trauma.

Taking positive steps

The key to finding peace within yourself is to find a way of resolving the unresolved so that you heal the psychological wounds that are troubling you and improve your life and relationships.

Sharing your story and understanding what triggers your trauma will allow you to develop the right level of emotional resilience to put an end to the cycle of emotional problems that can have such a deep impact on your life.

Talking to a professional who can guide you through the recovery process can often set you on the right path to a more settled future.






Demons of the Past: How Unresolved Trauma Can Surface From Within




Demons of the Past: How Unresolved Trauma Can Surface From Within

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