Going to Therapy Is No Longer Taboo: Here’s Why

Going to Therapy Is No Longer Taboo: Here’s Why : There was a time in the past when you would be very hesitant to even seek professional therapy guidance let alone tell those around what you were doing, but in these enlightened times, it is perfectly acceptable and even encouraged to seek help when you need it.

Services such as telehealth therapy for treating mental health conditions have witnessed a surge in people coming to them and you will be in good company if you decide that you need to talk to someone about your mental wellbeing.

Hollywood has played its part

Many of us have a favorite film star and there would have been a time when these iconic figures would have done everything to conceal any mental health issues for fear of not getting any work and damaging their reputation.

Hollywood’s finest have now realized that it’s perfectly acceptable to talk about their mental health challenges and this change of attitude has been a positive factor in helping their fans appreciate that seeking help and going to therapy is no longer taboo.

You now know that you are not alone

Suffering from depression and feelings of anxiety might once have made you feel very isolated and alone with your problem, especially when you felt you were unable to talk to anyone about it.

In this new era of openness, you are positively encouraged to talk about how you are feeling and share your emotions with those around you.

When you are able to get strong support, both professionally and personally, this helps to reaffirm that you are certainly not alone in how you are feeling, and rather than pushing you away, friends and support groups are more likely to research out to you.

A shifting culture

Outdated attitudes about mental health issues have made way for a new era of open discussion and there has been a definite shift in cultural attitudes when it comes to mental health.

When you think about it, you may well know someone in your family or network of friends that has a mental health problem.

The fact that you know this information about them is a testament to how cultural attitudes have moved and how many of us are now more willing to talk about our mental health challenges.

Being able to speak openly about your problems means that it is also perfectly acceptable to seek therapy if you feel you have reached a point where this is required.

Encouraging the next generation

This new era of mature emotional intelligence will also have a positive impact on the next generation as children are living in a technological age where education about mental health is readily available.

By speaking out and sharing with others about how you feel and why you have sought professional help you are helping to break down any last remaining barriers.

All the evidence strongly points to the conclusion that talking about mental health and seeking therapy are definitely no longer taboo subjects.





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Going to Therapy Is No Longer Taboo: Here’s Why