Easy Ways to Clear Your Mind

Have you ever felt like your brain was going to explode? You feel like you have too many thoughts running through your head and you don’t know what to do next. This feeling is common in a world of multiple responsibilities and sensory overload. The ultra-busy people sometimes feel like their thoughts do not even get a chance to fully form. If you are looking for the ways to get your mind to unwind, untangle, and refocus, check out these easy ways to clear your mind. You might try one of them, a few or all of them.

1. Take calm and deep breaths

Calm, deep breathing is the first relaxation technique that can help you to calm yourself and clear your mind. Taking deep breaths increases the level of oxygen in the body and the brain benefits by more oxygen. The best way to get those benefits easily and quickly is aerobic exercise.

2. Write madly to find mental breathing room

Writing is another proven way to clear your mind on paper. Reportedly three hand-written pages (so-called morning pages) a day can clear your thoughts in the conscious mind and bring an unconscious clutter to the surface. Most people sometimes write their memoirs in order to clear their consciences, but we are not going to do that. Writing madly will help you open up space for thoughts to breathe. If you haven’t time for writing morning pages, you can write when you have free time. You shouldn’t worry about what you’re writing you may not read it afterward.

3. Draw a picture

Drawing pictures is a great way to show what is on your mind. Every person has different learning styles and for those who like some visual and physical styles, drawing can be a perfect way to combine these styles in a way to clear the mind. You don’t have to be an artist, just draw a simple picture that shows what thoughts are on your mind. You can even make stick figures, graphs, charts, or other images that can conceptualize your feelings. If you can’t draw at all, write down words or phrases and draw connections between them in order to understand what is going on.

4. Go for a walk

Walking is probably the ideal and perfect aerobic exercise. Walking also provides lots of benefits of exercising your muscles. Movement is sometimes needed to burn off that excess energy, which anxiety squeezes into your mind. Going for a walk is another easy way to clear your mind.

5. Talk about your problems with another person

There are people who do not like drawing or writing and prefer talking instead. That’s also a perfect way to clear the mind! It is better to talk with someone who is willing to listen. Talk about your problems and explain concerns to them. Don’t wait the listener to solve your problem for you. You just express your fears, your hopes, and your questions. If you describe your problems you will understand them better and realize what’s really important and what isn’t so important.

6. Work backward

Backward planning is a technique that could help with mental blockage. If you have got a big work coming up and you do not have enough time to do it, you start with your scheduled delivery date and then move backward. Find out what things should happen to finish the work, and then find the next things needed to happen before that, and so on till you get to the beginning. In order to clear your mind you need to find the end and work our way back to the beginning.

7. Talk to an expert

If you can’t function normally because your thoughts are resulting in anxiety, you should talk to a medical professional to help you solve your problems. Even if you have some business problems you may ask for help from a specialist or consultant. Sometimes you should make the decision whether you can handle the situation yourself or whether you need help.

I hope these 7 ways will help you to clear your mind and put your thoughts back in line. What other ways to clear the mind do you know? Share your thoughts, please!


Easy Ways to Clear Your Mind