Eat Apples Every Single Day

Apples are full of health benefits and additionally they have an amazingly delicious flavor. You can put this fruit to your cart year-round at any grocery store, since they are quite available. Someone prefers green apples, while others like red or yellow ones. Make your own choice and have a look at some wonderful reasons to eat apples every single day!

1. Apples contain loads of fiber

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is an old and true proverb. I think everyone has heard of it. These words are true mostly because apples contain a lot of fiber, which helps us regulate our digestion. But there are many other benefits of fiber! One apple can stave off your hunger and keep you from eating that candy bar between your meals. Since apples are an excellent appetite controller, they help keep your weight healthy and that means you won’t have to visit your doctor so often!

2. Apples protect your heart

One of the best reasons to eat apples every single day is because they protect your heart. As I mentioned above, apples are rich in fiber that helps control your cholesterol, therefore helps protect against heart disease. Moreover, apples help control plaque buildup in your arteries, which lowers your chances of having a heart attack. Since heart disease is the leading cause of death for women, it’s strongly recommended to eat apples every day.

3. Apples are high in antioxidants

I think many of us have already heard a lot about free radical damage, which can be fought by antioxidants. In fact, all types of fruit and vegetables contain antioxidants, but apples are so good for our skin and health, and they offer all kinds of disease prevention. Quercetin is most remarkable antioxidant, which keeps you healthy by giving your immune system a boost.

4. Apples protect your eyes

Remember I said about a huge amount of antioxidants in apples? Antioxidants offer eye health benefits and even prevent cataracts. You may not have this disease now, but eating your daily dose of apples when you are young means you don’t have to cope with cataracts in the future.

5. Apples are very low in calories

If you are trying to lose weight, apples are a wonderful snack, as they are low in calories. Apples can help you drop those unwanted pounds and can even help curb your sweet tooth. You really increase your chance of success when you eat an apple instead of those candies or chips when you are hungry. It is one more reason to eat apples every single day.

6. Apples help keep your liver healthy

Many people think about their health and the ways to maintain it. Nowadays a lot of people have problems with the liver. They often opt for different detox diets. When your liver is healthy, it is able to remove harmful toxins out of your body without taking any strange powders or drinks, and apples can help in this process as well as give you good taste and texture. Plus, you will lose some weight.

7. Make your workout easier

Apples aren’t going to make you able to work out if you haven’t done so for a while. But, they will help make oxygen much more accessible to your lungs and that will improve your endurance. One apple can make your next exercise much easier to finish. I just cannot think of anything better than apples!

You all can have your own preference to different variety of apples. But all of them are rather useful for our health, body, hair, and skin. Adding this fruit to your diet can make you feel and look better. Do you like apples? Do you eat them every day? Why? Please comment below and thanks for reading!



Eat Apples Every Single Day