Eight Cry-Proof Makeup Tips For A Hot Day

Eight Cry-Proof Makeup Tips For A Hot Day : Most makeup users know the feeling of starting the day looking like a total snack but ending it with a look that makes you feel similar to stale bread. Somehow this happens more frequently during the hot seasons as compared to the cold ones.

Makeup is an art, and keeping that art intact the way you applied it throughout the day requires a lot of practice. It’s a bummer when you’re excited about dancing your heart out at the pub, but your blush-on holds you back. Or when you have an important meeting at the end of a long workday and your glam doesn’t last long enough for you to impress the bossman.

Do you struggle to make your makeup last long during summers? You’re in luck. This article will discuss some nifty tricks for applying your makeup in a way that guarantees a cry-proof, all-day, flawless finish. Here are some tried-and-tested tips on how to keep that beautiful face intact all day long:

Prep the skin

The first rule in the long-lasting makeup guidebook is properly prepping your skin before applying any products. Think of preparing as having two parts: exfoliating and moisturizing. A good exfoliator can freshen up your face’s skin cells and provide a clean base for the makeup. Cleansing and exfoliating beforehand will ensure that your makeup doesn’t slide off with any residual dead skin cells, dust, and sweat. It’s also just as crucial to hydrate and moisturize your skin so that your makeup can set more firmly. Hydrating can also help avoid creases and fine lines that may appear later in the day.

Waterproof the eyes

For the lids, go with a cream shadow and ditch the powdered ones. That way, you can make it last longer. Remember to line the eyes with long-lasting eyeliners or kohl. Lastly, go with a light coat of mascara to accentuate those gorgeous eyes.

Of course, permanent makeup is also an attractive option if you want to skip the application processes and retain the look for longer – as in weeks or years. You can choose from various options, including permanent eyeliner, eyebrows, and voluminous lips. Think tattoos, but as makeup enhancements.

Also, try using waterproof products specially formulated to resist water and sweat so that you can power through the entire day without damage. With waterproof eyeliner and mascara, you can be worry-free about any budging.

Start with priming

Listen up, people with oil-prone skins and oily complexions! Makeup primers are your best friend in helping you look like a diva in hot seasons.

If the whole face seems too much, try priming at least the areas most prone to grease– for instance, the T-zone. Opt for an oil-free, anti-shine primer and put it on after cleansing the face. Then, proceed to wear your favorite foundation and other makeup. And for crease-proof and longer-lasting eyeshadow, you must also prime your eyelids. Just dab on some concealer and a translucent setting powder before your eyeshadow, and voila!

Set with powder

The one component that helps tie a cry-proof makeup look together is a good setting powder. Setting your makeup with powder can help it stay put in one place without sliding off or oxidizing. And if you’re someone who likes a bit of extra coverage, then it’s the perfect solution.

The “bake” part of a makeup routine exists because it helps makeup last longer. How do you bake? You take some translucent setting powder and apply a reasonable amount on your forehead, nose, chin, and under the eyes.

What’s more, baking or setting can also prevent the formation of fine lines and reduce the chances of creasing. By applying some setting powder for every cream-based product you use, you can go through the entire day with the least touch-ups.

The lesser you wear, the better

heat-proof makeup
heat-proof makeup

Contrary to popular belief, it’s a myth that putting on more makeup can help it last longer. Ever heard of the spiritual saying “less is more”? Well, it applies to makeup as well. The key to long-lasting, heat-proof makeup is applying everything in moderation and light layers. And as a bonus, this technique also provides a natural-looking finish.

Think oil-free

Unfortunately, some of our skins naturally produce more than the necessary amount of oil. To overcome this minor hurdle, individuals with oily skin can try investing in non-comedogenic products. By using oil-free products, you’ll reduce your chances of clogged pores. Many dermatologists also recommend using toners and cleansers containing glycolic acid to prevent excess oil build-up. Additionally, salicylic acid is a widely popular choice as well. Do check the ingredients of the products before buying them.

Use a setting spray

A reliable setting spray is the last step in achieving that flawless, cry-proof makeup that’ll last longer. The application takes nothing more than a few spritzes and some drying time. Ran out of setting spray or had none in the first place? No problem. You can substitute your hairspray for it. Though it may seem bizarre, the trick actually works. Also, refrain from touching your face or resting on your hands while the spray dries.

Try blotting

It’s also a good idea to curb that urge of reapplying powder foundation repeatedly during the day. Instead, go for blotting paper. After a few layers, even the best quality powder can seem cakey and excessive powder can even mess up your other makeup. Therefore, using blotting paper to absorb any sneaky sweat beads or runny mascara is a better alternative.


If you’ve ever dabbled in makeup, you must be familiar with the everyday frustrations of runny mascaras and cakey foundation come summer. Yet, getting through the season without losing your head over your appearance is pretty straightforward. This article mentioned a few cry-proof makeup tips for the hot season. These include prepping the skin, priming, going waterproof, and using a setting spray. Go ahead, put your glam on!






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Eight Cry-Proof Makeup Tips For A Hot Day

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