Everything you need to know about CBD oil and cats

Everything you need to know about CBD oil and cats : Did you know that it’s not just humans that can use CBD oil? Animals, especially cats and dogs need these oils for similar reasons as humans. For instance, cats can suffer from chronic pain, and anxiety attacks, just like humans. CBD oil is a nice natural alternative for conventional medicines, in treating these issues in pets. To help you take better care of your pets, here is everything you need to know about CBD oil and cats.

  1. It doesn’t cause a high

    You are probably wondering, does CBD oil for cats cause a high? Well, in case you are afraid of giving your cat a cannabis product that might give it a high, then you can rest easy.  Cbd oil contains almost a zero percentage of THC, the cannabis component that causes a high.

  2. It’s 100% natural

    Giving your cat CBD oil
    Giving your cat CBD oil

    The reason why you are giving your cat CBD oil is that, you want to treat it with natural methods, right? Well, the good news is that CBD oil doesn’t contain any chemicals. It is made from 100% hemp extracts, and has a high amount of the components that deal with issues like pain, anxiety, among other problems that affect cats. Cbd is available in many forms now, people even use CBD treats for dogs and cats.

  3. It comes in a specified dosage for different pets

    Just because CBD oil for cats is all natural doesn’t mean you can feed your feline friend any amounts you want.  Cbd oil for pets comes in specified dosages.  To give your cat the maximum benefits of this oil, give it the right dosage at all times. In most cases, the dosage is guided by the cat’s weight.  As such, before you administer it, make sure to weigh the cat.

  4. It can treat a wide range of conditions

    There is a wide range of conditions that CBD oil can treat in cats. International studies by different independent bodies show that, CBD oil can be used to treat anxiety, inflammation, convulsions, seizures, and anxiety. These are conditions that if treated with conventional medicine, could burden your little friend’s body with too many chemicals.

  5. It is very affordable

    On top of its huge benefits to your cat, CBD oil is also very affordable. In fact, this is one of the reasons why most pet owners prefer CBD oil over conventional medicine.  A dose of CBD oil goes for as little as $25. This is much more affordable than conventional medicine for treating the same conditions.  It’s pretty cheap for a product that is 100% natural and has no chemical additives.

  6. It’s very gentle

    One thing you will love about CBD oil is that it is very gentle on your cat.  That’s because it is made up of hemp, a natural product.  Your cat will simply be taking an herb extract. It’s much different from conventional medicine that has chemical compounds that could dampen your cat’s mood for hours, or sometimes days. Clearly, CBD oil is a gem for all cat owners, especially those with cats that suffer from issues like anxiety and chronic pain.





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Everything you need to know about CBD oil and cats