Fall in Love with Your Body

We, girls, obsess over our flaws too much. Plump women want to shed pounds while skinny ladies cannot put on weight. Short women are tired of heels while tall girls are dreaming of wearing them at least once a year.

Literally every girl has her own problems, but it does not mean we should hate ourselves. On the contrary, we should love our flaws because they make us special. If you have trouble appreciating your body imagine, follow the tips mentioned below that will help you fall in love with your body again:

1. Throw away all of your beauty and style magazines

Before you de-clutter your mind, de-clutter your house. Get rid of all the beauty and style magazines you have at home. Unfollow all those skinny girl Instagram accounts that have always made you feel like trash. Photoshop creates false images that, unfortunately, many of us believe. It is time to come back to reality.


2. Master the art of positive self-talk

Whether you are overweight or skinny, stop talking about it. Chances are others do not notice your weight and they love you the way you are. If someone criticizes your weight, remove them from your life. When you love your body, others do the same.


3. Listen to the body

Your body knows when, what and how many to eat, when to sleep and when to tackle a hard task. Do not ignore those signals. Learn how to listen to your body and you will love it even more. People who listen to the body signals tend to be healthier and slimmer than those who ignore them.


4. Exercise naked in front of a mirror

No matter what kind of exercise you do, try doing it naked in front of a mirror. It is hard at first, especially if you have many flaws, but in time, you will love the body you will see in the mirror. You will learn to accept your flaws and stop worrying about them. If exercise is not your thing, consider dancing. It is a sort of workout too.


5. Take care of your body

You do not have to spend hours at a spa in order to feel and look better. Use a body scrub twice a week, apply a high-quality lotion every day, wear sunscreen, take a cold shower in the morning and an Epsom salt bath in the evening. These little things make the huge difference in how you feel. After all, your body deserves a good care, doesn’t it?


6. Update your wardrobe

Beauty is all about comfort, not size. Do not try to hide your flaws under baggy clothing. It will make you feel worse. Wear whatever you like, but make sure you purchase well-fitting pieces of clothing. While the smallest size causes discomfort, and back and stomach pains, the bigger size makes you look like a bat.


7. Fuel your body with healthy food

Your body deserves real food. When the body does not get what it craves, the consequences appear quicker than you may expect. Incorporate more real food into your daily meal plan to have a clear skin and a healthy body. It is not about fruit and vegetables only. Just avoid consuming packaged food and learn to cook healthy snacks and meals instead.


8. Do not starve yourself

Remember, you have only one life and one body. If you crave a chocolate cupcake or a bowl of fatty soup, allow it yourself once in a while. Refusing to eat because of some strict weight loss goal is dangerous and useless. What is the benefit of living a short life with a seemingly perfect body when you can live a long life with all your imperfections?


9. Be lazy when your body wants it

Spending a day in bed watching your favorite show or reading your favorite book is not the end of the world. It does not make you lazy. On the contrary, it gives your body time to relax. Being productive is great, however, sometimes we must take a break and do what makes us happy.

Loving your body means loving yourself. If you cannot change the way you look, change your attitude. Embrace your body and its imperfections. Life is too short to spend it worrying about your flaws. Hopefully, these tips have helped you fall in love with your body again.



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Fall in Love with Your Body

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