Fat Loss for the Daily Grind: Weight Loss Tips for Professionals

Fat Loss for the Daily Grind: Weight Loss Tips for Professionals

Fat Loss for the Daily Grind: Weight Loss Tips for Professionals : You’re reading this in March, which means a few months have already passed and you’ve most likely gotten so close to quitting your New Year’s Resolution. It’s easy to say we’ll lose weight during the Holidays. Except we forget there’s also the matter of balancing your professional obligations with personal matters… on top of a supposed exercise or gym routine. For busy professionals like ourselves, is it really possible to pull off weight loss?

Turns out, we can actually make this work – provided we start our weight loss plan with a bit of research and strategy. Here are some of our most effective suggestions:

  • Dieting still remains an important component in weight loss

    There’s a saying that “abs are made in the kitchen.” And even if you’re not aiming for rock-solid abs, it’s still important to maintain a healthy diet while trying to lose weight. Always remember that dieting doesn’t necessarily mean “stop eating.” Rather, dieting means regulating your eating habit and modifying it to your needs. If your goal is to lose weight, you don’t just have to cut down the calories, but make sure you’re consuming food optimal for weight loss.

    Dieting still remains an important component in weight loss
    Dieting still remains an important component in weight loss
      • This is usually where methods such as calorie counting come in. However, the main essence of dieting and losing weight really is to ensure you’re doing more activity than eating food. As such, you should eat heavier and heartier meals without the calories. This is why a ton of diets recommend vegetables and other lighter meals. These include vegan, vegetarian, or even other niche diets that more or less depend on how you prefer your particular diet to work in your favor and according to your goals.
      • There are a lot of diets you can partake in, each you have to check what fits you and your meal schedule in the office. In fact, some health professionals suggest certain diet options for people in the office in order to meet their dietary goals. For instance, if you want to maintain a good diet, focus on food rich with Omega 3 (such as nuts, seeds, and fish) to boost your endurance, and minimize starch (rice, pasta, bread, for some) as they promote weight gain. Avoid sugars and soda, and consider having more small meals instead of large ones.
  • Bodyweight exercises means there’s no excuse not to work out

    We often say gym can be a hassle, that’s why we skip our sessions. Thankfully, we don’t necessarily have to spend money on gym memberships when all we need is a private space and our own body. There are actually a lot of bodyweight exercises available and you can take advantage of that to maximize your body’s weight loss potential. The great thing here is that you can add actual weights and lifting to these routines to add in that extra burn!

      • Things you do in PE Class actually count as bodyweight exercises. These include crunches, push ups, and even planks. All of these exercises target particular muscle groups, and others highly recommend doing planks as it’s super easy and attacks all essential fat loss areas. The great thing here is that you can look for a ton of bodyweight routines online without worries!
      • Bodyweight exercises have been proven effective to help you lose weight for little time, provided you do these exercises properly. These include exercises you can do in the office, including climbing up and down the stairs, pushups and planks in your free time, wall sits and chair dips to stretch during your shift, and even squats for the occasional energizer in your breaks. All of these exercises, coupled with a ton of walking, can really give you an edge to maintain your body without necessarily going to the gym.
  • Fasting might actually work based on your workload

    Benefits Of Fasting
    Benefits Of Fasting

    A lot of the reasons why we tend to be unhealthy at work is because we compensate for our heavy workload with a lot of food. And that makes a lot of sense, as food can give us a temporary boost in dopamine. Unfortunately, too much of this can lead to fat storage we may not be able to use. Thankfully, a good counter for this is to actually try fasting. While we might be apprehensive with the idea of foregoing the luxury of eating, it has long term benefits that we may want to consider.

      • Fasting, when done right, can benefit the body in a multitude of ways. For instance, health professionals state that fasting can help our overall blood sugar, reducing the risk of diabetes. Other health benefits include fighting inflammation, improving cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood pressure levels, and even boost brain function.
      • You also don’t necessarily have to starve yourself just to complete a fast. There are a ton of fasts you can try based on your schedule and preference. Our body’s natural Circadian rhythm can be fast (13:11) where you fast for 13 hours and eat for 11. You can level this up to 16:8, or even 20:4. Others have entire fast days as well.
      • Tricks for a successful fast include timing the end of your eating right before you sleep, or making sure the bulk of your fast occurs when you’re busy. If you’re having a hard time following your fast, you can keep yourself busy during the fasting period by sleeping, working, or even playing video games like car games online.
  • Rest remains an essential component for metabolism and muscle growth

    We often say the mark of true adulthood is when we get so used to getting no sleep that the idea has become so elusive to us. While this can save us from some deadlines, it’s not a healthy habit to form – not just as a professional, but from a health perspective as well. Sleep helps not only the mind to process and learn from daily interactions, but for the body to properly digest nutrients and repair broken muscle. If you’ve begun a more stringent exercise routine, rest is an essential component in ensuring you get all the time to lose that fat and build more of your muscles.

      • If you’re finding it hard to get proper sleep, you should probably figure out your optimal sleeping schedule first before adjusting to your workout and diet. You can do this by conducting a sleep experiment where you try to sleep at your most optimal time and letting yourself wake up automatically. The length of time you spend in this initial period usually dictates how much sleep you currently need, and you can adjust from there.
      • Healthy sleeping schedules not only let you make more room to do work, but it has physiological benefits that can benefit your weight loss journey. Some of these health benefits of sleeping include better cognition, productivity, and concentration, as well lowering the risk of weight gain, regulate calories, and even inspire better athletic performance.

The Professionals’ Weight Loss Guide: It’s All In The Planning

With the above points taken into heart, it’s important to remember that weight loss isn’t just a matter of keeping yourself busy or constantly having to do strenuous activities to lose calories. Remember, a huge part of weight loss success has to do with the intricate balance of activity and food in your system, as well as how disciplined you are throughout the weight loss process.

Hopefully, the tips above managed to give you a head start as to what sorts of strategies, exercises, and routines that could work to further develop your personal fitness.




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Fat Loss for the Daily Grind: Weight Loss Tips for Professionals

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Fat Loss for the Daily Grind: Weight Loss Tips for Professionals

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