How to Have a Healthy Scalp and Grow Beautiful Hair

How to Have a Healthy Scalp and Grow Beautiful Hair : Honestly? Good hair is everything. No, seriously!

From reeling in a partner to securing a job, and impressing everyone in between, the perfect ‘do is essential to women navigating this world and all its roadblocks, whether we like it or not!

Unfortunately, achieving your hairdo dreams is easier said than done. Most of us don’t even know how to have a healthy scalp!

That’s right—forget about how hard it is to learn new ways to style your hair, keep up with trends, and find a reliable stylist who cuts your hair just right. None of that helps if you don’t know the basics!

Is your scalp too dry, itchy, or flaky? How about your hair—is it not as shiny and full as you want it to be? Do you have thick or thin hair? You can use barrettes for thick hair in case you have thick hair.

If you answered “Yes” to any of those questions, that’s no insult. You’re far from the only woman still learning. Check out these healthy hair tips to help you out!

Common Scalp Problems and Their Causes

It’s not uncommon—commercials for scalp remedies are everywhere, and that’s because they have a huge consumer base! Even so, it’s easy to be uncomfortable and embarrassed when jokes about dandruff and bad hair are rampant in media.

Body-shaming is everywhere, making it hard to accept and address insecurities. Think about it: how often have you put yourself down with a joke about your body? It might be easier than confronting it, but that kind of thinking doesn’t help anybody.

Instead, learn to recognize and accept what you like about your body and identify the things you want to work on. Here’s some information to help you better understand your scalp!

  • Dry and Itchy Scalp

    A dry and itchy scalp is among the most common of all scalp issues. Studies suggest that up to 50% of all people suffer from the condition.

    There are a number of causes, including psoriasis, showers that are too hot, and simply washing your hair too much.

  • The Dreaded Flakes

    We all know what often comes with that annoying itch: dandruff.

    It’s not something to be embarrassed about. Just like its close cousin—dry and itchy—research shows that almost 50% of the entire world deals with it.

    It can be caused by a fungus from the genus Malassezia, a type of yeast that’s kind of everywhere. It’s sometimes also related to the things that cause dry and itchy scalps.

  • Slick and Oily

    It’s just life—some of us are a little bit greasy! An oily scalp is caused by a variety of factors, including plain and simple genetics, dirty hair tools and pillows, and a lack of brushing, among other things.

What Makes a Bad Hair Day

What causes hair problems? More often than not, it comes back down to your scalp!

Obviously, slick, oily hair is caused by an oily scalp. But what are other hair conditions caused by?

  • Thin Hair

    Thin hair in women has many causes; the most common of which are genetics and old age. However, factors like frequent, hot showers, excessive brushing or combing, and bleaching your hair often speed up the process.

  • Dry, Crunchy Hair

    If you strike back at an oily scalp with too much force, you might cause your hair to dry out. Too much shampoo—again—hot and frequent showers, as well as chemical and heat treatments can make your hair dry as a desert. Yikes!

  • Weak Hair

    Does your hair split at the ends? Is it commonly bent and broken?
    You may have overdyed it, and/or might need a trim to keep those ends in check. That’s not all you can do to help though!

How to Have a Healthy Scalp and Hair

So you read about some common scalp and hair conditions, and what causes them. At this point, you’re probably wondering how you’re supposed to fix the problem!

Out of all the tips for solving scalp and hair problems, choosing the proper products is at the top of the list. But how do you know what’s worth buying? Here’s a short guide.

  • Look for the Facts

    What, exactly, is in the hair and scalp products you buy? Is there even a label on the bottle saying what’s there?

    Don’t buy any old product because it says it’ll give you silky, tangle-free, thick, or any other kind of hair. Make sure it backs up those claims with its ingredients!

    So, what kind of things are good for your hair? This hair growth serum analysis is a great reference for some key plant extracts, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

    These are ingredients that work not just on making your hair look better, but also actually soothing the scalp and promoting hair growth. Any product worth its salt will be honest about what’s in there and why.

    Good products literally get to the root of the problem!

  • Try a Variety of Options

    Hair growth serum works wonders for many women, but one product can only do so much alone! Try combining serums with other well-researched products like shampoos, conditioners, and leave-in sprays suited for your hair for the best effect.

    Taking care of your hair isn’t only about products though. In addition to finding the best treatments, try changing some of your habits. Colder, less frequent showers will help your hair products work, and drying with a towel and/or a cool-air blow dryer will curb hair and scalp damage too.

Want More Health and Fashion Tips?

Now that you know how to have a healthy scalp and great hair, do you want to work on other areas of your life too? Good news: you’re in the right place!

We’ve got all you need to conquer in every arena, so give your hair some love, get to reading our tips, and go own your life!






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How to Have a Healthy Scalp and Grow Beautiful Hair

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