Feel Your Confidence Shoot up by Donning These 5 Goggles for Girls

Feel Your Confidence Shoot up by Donning These 5 Goggles for Girls : When we look our best, we tend to feel our best. There is a curious correlation between our self-confidence and our appearance, which we often neglect. Since our lives tend to be so hectic and demanding, we don’t even come to realise that we have fallen into a mental slump and don’t feel excited to dress up or stand out anymore.

This can happen due to a prolonged feeling of stagnation when we don’t experiment with styles that can spruce up our wardrobe and everyday looks.

That is why it is essential to invest in that new haircut, those new trendy shoes or some accessories that come together to create a new you. Goggles for girls are a sure way to usher in a change in your daily look, as a finishing touch to your ensembles as you head out the door. They are great for protection from the sun and can also become your companion around the year like a trusted statement piece for every occasion. Therefore, let us look at some stylish options for goggles for girls that you can do for that much-needed confidence boost.

High-Fashion Wayfarers

Heading out for a day out on the town gets better when you have these Wayfarers spicing up your look. Paired best with contrasting 2000s-inspired silhouettes and an urban aesthetic, these goggles for girls are meant to bring forth the high-fashion model-off-duty look. The lenses are helmed by thick frames, which gives it a blocked-out protective boost from the sun. In these sunglasses for girls, the vagabond spirit of the Wayfarers meets the glamour of the sleek square-rimmed shades.

Bold in Brown Bugeyes

From sleek to bold, both these aesthetics are currently dominating the eyewear space. Big and larger-than-life goggles for girls are a great way to add a touch of vintage charm to your looks. The look of these sunglasses for girls works even better when paired with traditional or business casuals. They can dress up a look within seconds, and the brown, tortoise-shell-inspired design makes it versatile enough to work with numerous colour palettes.

Chic in Clubmasters

The clubmasters have made their return to the fore, and this time with a special niche carved out within goggles for girls. Usually found in collections of men’s eyewear, these shades for girls can add a chic and dignified aura to your look wherever you are. These goggles for girls utilise the classic combination of black and gold to give itself an edge above the rest. Therefore, these can be worn with formals, business wear and even on holidays.

Gilded Cateyes

No collection of goggles for girls is complete without the addition of Cateye glasses. An iconic pair in shades for girls, the silhouette of these glasses is best for many reasons. Not only are they flattering for almost all face shapes, but they add a youthful touch to the facial symmetry of the wearer. The characteristic upswept frames on these goggles for girls is its most recognisable feature, which has kept it a bestseller for decades since its inception.

The Pink Pilot

Up until a few years prior, designs for these Aviator and Pilot sunglasses for girls were still limited to blacks and browns. But ever since the surging trend of tinted and light lenses hit the runways and red carpets, the design trickled into eyewear for women as well. The classic design of the Aviators has now become a closet staple for many girls who love sporting a colourful pair in the summer or at the beach. These pink lenses are great for complete sun protection as well.

Each of these sunglasses for girls is capable of making you feel your best. Therefore, if you are looking to explore more options, you can head over to Titan Eyeplus and browse through their selections for your perfect, confident companion.




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Feel Your Confidence Shoot up by Donning These 5 Goggles for Girls

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