Few Unusual Gift Ideas For Your Man

Festive Season Is Coming [ Hurry Up ]

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Few Unusual Gift Ideas For Your Man : Ladies, there is one thing that your boyfriend or even husband will always be excited about. 

You know what that is?

Wait, wait. Don’t be so rush here.

Today, we are going to talk about few unusual gift ideas for your man that you can apply or give it to your guy to make him fall in love with you even more.

But, first:

I want to show you few reasons why “Occasional Gift” is one of the best methods to keep sparkling your relationship.


Why Gift Idea Is One of the Best Trick To Keep Your Relation Stronger

We are human right.

Much like a system or mechanism, our brain & heart continually works without any interpretation. We run through life on a daily basis without even thinking much.

Meaning, our brain is not used to surprises & unusual events.

That’s why A surprise is more of an “exciting thing” for us.

I don’t know about you but, when I get to know about it, I can’t even eat properly. Lots of excitement you know.

Similarly, when you do something with your guy or even husband, your action stays longer inside their mind.

They will recall you at the time of work, lunch or driving.

Can you see the pattern?

Well, you got a weapon.

Thank us later.

Wake up. Because it’s festival time around the corner. You definitely do not want to miss this opportunity to impress your man. Do you?

Now, you may be wondering what should I gift to my man? Is not all the things already in his toolset?




Nah. Too old.

Should I buy movie tickets for us?

You can do that. Certainly.

What about jeans?

Cool. But it’s old fashioned.

Alright. I won’t list here all the things you can imagine. So without further delay, let’s jump to the actual meat.


Few Unusual Gift Ideas For Your Man: Tested & proven

Following items are proven and have shown immense results. The reason is, they are not common and not all girls are doing it.


1. Beard Growth Products:

C’mon. it’s 2017. Officially facial hair is one of the most trending things at this point. You go outside and 5 out of 10 people are wearing a beard. I am not talking about the guys who keep a very long beard. They are awful.

I am talking about the guys with mild medium to a thick beard that still acceptable. Ask your guy if he would like to have one.

I will be frank here. Not everyone can grow a beard. But, it is also true that there are a lot of other factors that are underestimated like biotin.

If you can somehow analyze his desire for facial hair, gift him a kit of beard grooming products. I found one good article by beard mantra on beard growth products here. Take a look and see if you can find any.

So, how do you catch his desire?

Remember if you had ever said anything to him related to beard. Is there any situation where he wanted to grow some portion of facial hair & you totally disagree with him?

If yes, bingo. You hit the bull’s eye.

If not here is another trick:

Take him out today. In between your conversation, ask if he would like to grow a beard. If he appreciates it, then it’s a plus signal. If not keep trying to dig down.


2. A Trimmer:

Now, if you are like most of the girl, where you can’t see him growing a beard, offer him a trimmer. That is something very uncommon I think. Depending on upon your budget or preference, you can select from various companies.

Staring range from $20 to up $500, a wide range of facial hair trimmer is available.

Do a quick search & we bet you can gift him something amazing.


3. A Book:

Voila. Another uncommon idea for you. Books are the real gem in a noisy world. If your guy is a corporate office or working person than a development book can do wonder for you.

The trick here is – knowing not all the books are same.

There are hundreds if not millions of self-help book out there for men. It becomes an easier process if you know him well for a long time.

You are familiar with his philosophy, habits & everything in person. So study him and give something special so that he can grow himself out.

Search for best books for men or you can find something more useful in this guide.


4. Wallet:

I am sorry. At the beginning of the article, we said that these will be unusual. However, wallet still holds its power.

A great gift for men.

Not all of them by the way.

As we progress, technology advances around the corner traditional wallets are getting replaced by new and designable wallets.

A common misconception is to getting old yet boring kind of money keeper.

If you are fond of wallet like us, you will see hundreds of company are now online- providing fresh & designable tools of real men.

You are just a step back of simple google search & there you go.


5. Unique Phone Cover:

What is the one thing that we take everywhere?

It’s phone.

Trust me, they are integrated part of our lives and has become the single most important thing apart from our life. Right?

Remember there was a time when we had to order a phone case in an offline retail store & had to wait for one to two week?

Not the case anymore.

With just a flick of a finger, you can now generate thousand of the cover case different in style & design. Moreover, some company also provide custom made cover.

This is the best gift you can give to your man.

Choose something related to both of you. that matches you & his feeling or even image. Go & built one for him.

Take out him for a date & present him.

If he does not get surprised, come here & tell us.

There are hundreds of ways to impress a man or keep your relationship alive. We just showed you few ideas that we think will be worth aiming for.

Other than that, you need to make sure that you understand him well. Prioritize him feelings & giving proper time.

In between, keep shocking him through various methods like some unusual gifts like we mentioned above or even a public hug.

Do you have anything extra that you want to share with us?

How is your experience gifting facial hair growth products? Have you ever tried them?

Do let us know in the comment section & we would love to answer that for you.



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Few Unusual Gift Ideas For Your Man

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