Flawless And Poreless: How To Blur Your Skin With Makeup

Flawless And Poreless: How To Blur Your Skin With Makeup : Let’s be honest here; we all want beautiful, blemish-free skin that looks like porcelain. However, the reality is, we aren’t all blessed in this respect. In fact, according to the New York Post, a recent survey found that 59% of Americans were unhappy with their appearance, with 67% of those asked stating skin problems as their biggest confidence killer.

Large pores are one of the things that can blight us and make us feel self-conscious. On top of this damage to our confidence, they can also leave us more prone to acne breakouts, as large pores find it easier to collect dirt, makeup, and many other things.

Sadly, you can’t do anything about pore size – this is mainly down to genetic factors and shrinking them is virtually impossible. However, there are some things you can do to make them seem smaller. A lot of this is to do with the makeup products you use and the routine you follow.

Here are some of the techniques you can use to minimise the appearance of your pores.

  1. Cleanse your skin

    You can’t reduce the size of your pores but you can make them seem smaller by ensuring they’re free of dirt, grease and debris. Clogged pores will appear darker, more noticeable and appear bigger.

    Make sure you wash your face thoroughly morning and night using a cleanser or face wash. Once you’ve washed your face and cleansed it thoroughly, make sure you moisturise your skin. This will fix your skin’s natural barrier and help to prevent future damage.

    Once your cleansing and skincare routine is geared toward helping with the size of your pores, your makeup choices can make sure they work on their appearance.

  2. Use a primer

    Primers are important in most makeup routines but when trying to conceal large pores, a good blurring primer can be essential. Blurring primers work by blurring fine lines and minimising the appearance of pores.

    To apply the blurring primer, dot it onto your skin with a finger in the areas where your pores are most noticeable. This is often the nose, T-zone and cheeks. Once you’ve done this, blur it with a makeup sponge.

  3. Reach for matte foundation

    The best foundation to use here is normally one with a matte finish, especially one with blurring capacities. This can help hide any blemishes or imperfections, meaning it’s ideal to cover up large pores.

  4. Opt for a full-cover concealer

    A matte, full-cover concealer often helps to further hide large pores.

    To apply the matte concealer, put a few dots in the target areas as required, then blend it in evenly. Use a makeup sponge instead of a brush, as a brush can inadvertently highlight your pores.

    Once you have applied this, try a super smoother blurring skin product to finish off your look.

  5. Set your face

    A good setting powder, preferably a translucent one, can further help to blur pores and lines. Try to avoid pressed powder, as this can actually emphasise pores more rather than hide them.

    To apply the setting powder, dip your sponge into it and apply it thinly. Leave the powder on your skin for a little while and then brush off any extra residue.

  6. Add matte blush and bronzer

    Face powders that shine, shimmer or glisten can potentially draw attention to larger pores and therefore should be avoided. Instead, opt for a matte blush and matte bronzer.

    To apply the blush, use a light brush and smooth into your cheeks. By using a bronzer brush, apply bronzer to the outer parts of your face to help frame it and add emphasis.

  7. Use a setting spray

    Use a setting spray to hold the whole look in place.





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Flawless And Poreless: How To Blur Your Skin With Makeup

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