Getting a ‘Revenge Body’ after Divorce: 5 Tips

Getting a ‘Revenge Body’ after Divorce: 5 Tips : After a divorce, it is common to strive to be your best self to make your ex-spouse regret losing you. One common tactic that will hit your ex the moment they see you, whether in real life or when checking up on you on social media, is to have the perfect revenge body. Shedding some weight and toning your muscles can be a prime example of the old adage that the best revenge is living well.

Tips to Get In Shape

Obviously, everyone knows that in order to get in shape, two of the most important elements are diet and exercise. In addition to these primary tactics, there a few other tools to help you get the body your ex will regret losing, which include:

  • Progressive overload
  • Getting proper rest
  • Fitness supplements


Everyone knows what generally makes up a healthy diet. We should all be eating plenty of fruits and vegetables and taking in a good balance of carbohydrates and proteins. We should limit consumption of red meat, eat a decent amount of fish, and avoid more than minimal amounts of sugars. We also know that we should absolutely steer clear of fast food.

Beyond these basics, though, many people are not aware of the best way to eat in regards to their exercise regimen. When aiming for the perfect revenge body, it is crucial to know how to fuel up after a workout. Simply starving yourself is not good for your health and is also not going to lead you to the body you desire. Your ex is not going to feel any regret if you lose weight but look gaunt and unhealthy.

It is important to properly fuel up after you exercise to increase your muscle strength and properly recover. Despite what you might think due to fad diets like Atkins, one of the most important things to eat after a workout is carbohydrates. Your body uses glycogen as fuel during exercise. Your stores of this type of glucose need to be refilled through the consumption of carbs.

In addition to carbs, you are going to want to make sure you are getting a proper amount of protein after a workout. A good rule of thumb is to consume carbs and protein at a three to one ratio.


The most important element in getting your revenge body is to get plenty of exercise. A good diet is critical, but burning calories is more vital than limiting their intake in order to get the body you desire. Try to stick to a workout plan for the best results. You can go to a gym and work with a personal trainer or download any of a number of apps that help to keep track of your workouts and give you ideas for new exercises to try.

Of course, you also have the option to self-regulate your workouts. However, this can prove to be an extra step in the process that many people would prefer to avoid with the other tools at their disposal.

Progressive Overload

Simply doing the exact same workout every day is not going to get you very far. As you get into better shape, the exercises that were challenging at first become quite easy. Your body is not going to continue to improve if it is no longer being challenged. Try making your workout slightly longer or more intense every time you exercise. Keeping your body challenged will lead to better results.

Getting Proper Rest

Sleeping well is a part of the equation that many people fail to consider when working to get into shape. Proper rest helps your body to recover after a workout allowing your body to repair and build your muscles. Good-quality sleep also helps produce a growth hormone, which helps in this process.

Fitness Supplements

Making sure you are getting the proper nutrients to best build the body you desire is another important element of the process. You should consult with an expert on what types of nutrients you need to focus on, as it greatly depends on what kind of revenge body you desire. If you are looking for a lean, toned body, you are going to want to take different supplements than if you are looking to bulk up.

Other Benefits of the Revenge Body

There are many other benefits to the process of getting your revenge body. Divorce can be a very difficult process and can leave you stressed and depressed. There are many possible negative impacts brought on by divorce. A custodial mother can potentially lose up to 50% of their pre-divorce income (Source: This can be incredibly worrisome.

Exercise is one of the best things you can do to combat negative feelings. Also, with more confidence from feeling healthier and stronger, your chances of thriving in other areas of your life improve as well.







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Getting a ‘Revenge Body’ after Divorce: 5 Tips

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