Giti Angels: Who Are They?

Giti Angels: Who Are They?
Giti Angels: Who Are They?

If you have been following the VLN Endurance Racing series for a time, you might have heard of Giti Angels. They have taken the racing world by storm and have left a lasting impact in their debut season. Having suffered a couple of setbacks over the course of the 2019 season, this all-female racing team is bound and determined to make their 2020 campaign a historic one.

Who is this team exactly? You’re about to find out:

The Giti Angels Racing Team

The Giti Angels Racing Team
The Giti Angels Racing Team

The Giti Angels were formed in early 2019 and made their debut in the VLN Endurance Racing series at the beginning of the season. Their first race was the VLN Endurance R1 Championship at the Nurburgring Circuit in Germany. Considering the track’s challenging racing conditions and inclement weather, the racing world was stunned when the newcomers finished second place in their first-ever race.

The team consisted of three drivers: Ronja Assmann, Jasmin Preisig, and Carrie Schreiner. Their team captain and chief is Ellen Lehmann. Lehmann also handled the responsibilities as crew chief along with Nicole Willems as the team manager. In 2020, Schreiner is expected to return with two new drivers. Those drivers are Celia Martin and Laura Kraihammer.

Schreiner, Assmann, and Preisig had done most of the heavy lifting for the Giti Angels racing team throughout the season. It might be the same as last year, but with Martin and Kraihammer likely seeing some racing time as well in their first season. But nevertheless, they’ll be looking to do their part in making history as an all-female racing team that is hungry for success after their strong showing.

The Giti Angels were named after one of their main sponsors: Giti Tires. The team will don the corporation’s yellow and black color scheme on their vehicles. Their vehicles are provided by Volkswagen, another one of their main sponsors. For the majority of the races, the team will be driving the Volkswagen Golf VII GTI TCR. The cars are designed to handle the high-speeds and demands of the world’s longest race track known as the “Green Hell” that is Nurburgring.

The Nurburgring 24-Hour Race

The Giti Angels competed against hundreds of racing teams during the Nurburgring’s intensive 24-hour race. Given the track’s altitude changes and frequent weather patterns that can go from good to bad, the race itself is just as grueling and intense as the track itself. It was in this race where the Giti Angels suffered their greatest setback to date.

During the race, the car suffered major damage to its engine. The technical crew spent most of the night repairing the damage. Though they finished the race, it was a sign that no matter what negatives they have dealt with they were able to persevere. This became one of the major turning points of the Giti Angels season.

The Last Stretch Of 2019

Having finished strong in most races, the first place finish had been within close reach but never attained. They finally clinched their first win in the final race of the season, the VLN Endurance R9 Championship. Out of well over 160 teams that have competed throughout the season, the Giti Angels had finished 36th. In their debut season, it was a shock to the system. But it was also a reminder of what they are able to achieve in the future.

About The Drivers

About The Giti Angels Drivers
About The Giti Angels Drivers

Carrie Schreiner: At 21 years old, Schreiner has already built a solid resume in her racing career. Prior to joining the Giti Angels, Schreiner raced in various Karting circuits and became a multiple-time champion. Her racing career took her from Karting to Formula 4, where she would perform very well in her three years competing at that level. In 2017, she made the switch to GT racing where she broke barriers and became the first woman to win a Super Cup race.

Jasmin Preisig: Like Schreiner, the 27-year-old Swiss driver started her racing career in Karting. In 2014, she began racing professionally and has been in well over 50 races at this point in her career. To her credit, she has made four podium finishes and was part of the Giti Angel’s team win at the VLN Endurance R9 Championship.

Ronja Assmann: Assmann is the second Swiss driver on the Giti Angels. She began her racing career in 2012 in the X-Bow Battle Series. She finished 18th overall in her debut season. She also made history in being the youngest driver ever to compete in the series. Her experience also includes racing in the German Touring Car Cup series. She began racing in the VLN Endurance series in 2015 thus bringing some experience to the table for the GTI Angels.

Celia Martin: Celia Martin will join the Giti Angels for the 2020 VLN Endurance series. In her near two-year career, the French driver has already netted one win and seven podium finishes in the VLN series. On paper, this appears to be quite the addition to the Giti Angels team as they aim for higher success in 2020.

Laura Kraihammer: The second newcomer of the Giti Angels hails from Salzburg, Austria. Kraihammer already comes with the experiences of tackling the Nurburgring circuit herself, thus making her a valuable asset to the team. Considering that the Giti Angels already have raced on that very track multiple times, Kraihammer’s familiarity with it can boost the team’s chances of gaining an upper hand on their opponents throughout the season.


The Giti Angels have become a team to watch during the VLR Endurance Series. They have formed a formidable team that will look to impress race fans from the world over. Expect them to have a very strong performance in every single race leading up to the 24-hour Nurburgring race. The team looks to have an even better performance in the 24-hour race compared to last season. But nonetheless, this all-female team is not to be underestimated since they come with very experienced drivers with an endless hunger to win.





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