Great Uses for Aloe Vera

There are many uses for aloe vera, and I believe every woman should know about them! Although aloe vera looks like just a plain old house plant, open it up and you will find that this plant has many fantastic benefits for your skin and body. Read on and find out all the great uses for aloe vera you should know about!

Great Uses for Aloe Vera You Should Know about

1. Face and eye makeup remover

One of the great uses for aloe vera is to use it as a face and eye makeup remover. I tried it and it really works! Apply the gel to a cotton ball and gently and effectively remove your face and eye makeup. This is a natural, mild and moisturizing makeup remover that you can use every day!

2. Hair conditioner

Take one aloe vera leaf, slice it open and apply gel to your hair. Then apply your regular hair conditioner and rinse. You will get a healthy, soft and nourished scalp and hair! Moreover, it helps fight frizz and keep your hair looking so sleek and so healthy!

3. A natural treatment for burns

Another popular use for aloe vera is as a natural treatment for burns. The next time you stayed out in the sun long or you have an accident in the kitchen, rub the inside of the leaf direct onto the affected area to relieve the pain and itchiness. Aloe vera also works amazingly for razor burns, sunburns, and irritated skin. It contains anti-inflammatory and healing properties that helps calm and replenish moisture in the skin!

4. Promote hair growth

Use aloe vera to promote hair growth. Just massage the gel into your scalp and leave on for about 30 minutes before washing out. Aloe vera helps unclog hair follicles, improve nutrient absorption, balance the pH levels and help your hair retain moisture.

5. Shaving gel

Have you ever opened up the inside of an aloe vera leaf? If so, you know that it has a gel like consistency, which can be used as a natural shaving gel! As I said above, aloe vera has anti-inflammatory and hydrating properties, so you can use it on your legs as well as on your face to get a close, comfortable shave!



Great Uses for Aloe Vera