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Believe in Yourself

It happens many times in our life that some matter is before us for consideration. We take up that matter and think over the same taking into account all the pros and cons and after some time, we decide to act upon, not to act upon or to take necessary follow-up action to reach to some destination. We may take […]

Manage Your Mind Carefully

Imagine, you are passing through a dense forest in a cloudy evening. Darkness is increasing every moment followed by thunders and storms. There is some lightening also. With the sounds, you get horrified but there is a ray of light also. The time you feel that this is not going to happen for a long time, you reconsolidate yourself and […]

Avoid alcohol.

Medically it is advised that if you drink alcoholic beverages, do so in moderation. Alcoholic beverages supply calories but few nutrientsTaking more than one drink per day for women or two drinks per day for men can raise the risk for motor vehicle crashes, other injuries, high blood pressure, stroke, violence, suicide, and certain types of cancer. Even one drink […]

Put Off Your Hang-Ups

As you will also observe, you do not feel easy to keep yourself concentrated on the job standing before you to you’re your immediate attention because that particular job is on your priority list but has emerged out due to some unexpected developments. It is a Hang-Up. When you are doing any work or required to attempt upon, do not […]

Kick the Butt

Do you know? Smokers live an average of 15 years less than non-smokers and agricultural land in poor countries is being used increasingly for tobacco as observed in the third edition of The Tobacco Atlas brought out by the American Cancer Society and the World Lung Foundation. John Seeffrin of the American Cancer Society says, “Tobacco is the only consumer […]

Replace Your Medicines With Nutrients

Believe me, you will be more happy once you replace your medicines with appropriate nutrients. Today, after experiencing and experimenting a number of medical systems (or pathies) prevalent in different parts of the world, I came to a conclusion that the doctors are disease-centric. They are taught about the nature of the disease(es), how they originate and how they are […]

Rejuvenate Your Brain

Generally, it is assumed that urban areas have always been an engine of intellectual life; over the tables of coffeehouses/tea stalls of a city, citizens gather to discuss local, national and international politics, and find out the ways, inspiration and motivation what can be done anew. You can not imagine where an idea, an innovative one can strike but for […]

Enhance Your Knowledge

Sometime, we feel restlessness without knowing the reason of that state of affairs. One day, a person when he lost his peace of mind in search of God, went to his Guru and requested him to guide him how he can meet God. The Guru understood his restlessness and asked him to go with a pot to the ocean in […]

Activate Humor and Laughter

Humor, Laughter and Health Laughter activates the chemistry of the will to live and increases our capacity to fight disease. Laughing relaxes the body and reduces problems associated with high blood pressure, strokes, arthritis, and ulcers. Some research suggests that laughter may also reduce the risk of heart disease. Historically, research has shown that distressing emotions (depression, anger, anxiety, and […]

Yoga and Children

Yoga exercises are not recommended for children under 16 because their bodies’ nervous and glandular systems are still growing, and the effect of Yoga exercises on these systems may interfere with natural growth. But children may safely practice meditation and simple breathing exercises as long as the breath is never held. These techniques can greatly help children learn to relax, […]

No Depression

If you’ve experienced gloomy moods, you know the toll they can take on your personal and professional life. But are you aware of the negative impact that depression can have on your health? Depression not only affects how you think, but it also affects your immune system, your patterns of sleep, and the natural processes that keep everything in working […]

Art of Injury Prevention

Don’t tackle a tough physical task if you’re seeing red. Research suggests that being angry may increase a person’s risk of injury nearly seven-fold. About 63 percent of people surveyed during an emergency room visit indicated they were feeling irritable, angry, or hostile at the time they were injured. Before taking on a physical task, count to 10, breathe deeply, […]

Getting to Know You

When things slow down, getting to know your body a little better may help bring back your regularity. Biofeedback is a reporting process that delivers real-time information about how various physiological systems are performing and can help people gain conscious control over them. Biofeedback is a reporting process that delivers real-time information about how various physiological systems are performing and […]

For Your Well-Being

Excessive Daytime Sleepiness :To Be Cared For Do you find yourself yawning throughout the day? Get to the source of that sleep loss. Excessive daytime sleepiness is rarely due to a sleep problem, a recent study suggests. In fact, research shows it may be more likely due to an underlying and treatable health condition, such as diabetes, excess weight, or […]

For Your Well-Being

Mental Tension : Cell Phone and Your Relationships Do you want to build better relationships? Consider taking a break from your cell phone. Regular cell phone users experience more spillover between work and family life, a recent study concluded. This spillover in turn was associated with higher levels of distress and lower levels of family satisfaction. Resist the urge to […]