Hitting Tips to Improve your Baseball Swing

Hitting Tips to Improve your Baseball Swing : Baseball is one of the most popular sports in America that makes us all feel excited and exhilarated. However, becoming a great baseball player is much more complicated than it seems and takes a lot of hours of practice, blood, sweat and aches!

To be on the level of a professional player such as legendary Hank Aaron or the remarkable Connie Wisniewski, it takes much more than a few practice drills. It is knowing and practising the science of your own body in accordance with the rules of baseball.

Here are our top hitting tips to improve your baseball swing.

Proper posture

When it comes to improving your baseball swing, you must use your athletic skills to your advantage. This means practicing proper posture, to know how to improve your hip bending, and to know why your singular momentum is of such importance. Here’s some tips of achieving proper posture:

Firm front side

Having a firm front side means that the rest of your body, including the baseball, will be situated behind your body. Your leg does not necessarily have to be stiff, you can bend it a bit, but ideally, it has to be locked to stop you from going forward.

Back foot on the toe

While swinging, the force of hitting and hip rotating will come to a stop as you have a firm front side. Nevertheless, to have complete balance and posture, your back foot should be on the toe or slightly elevated.

Grip contact

According to The Baseball Stop, the ideal grip contact for the best hit is the palm up, palm down position on your bat. If you are right-handed, your right hand should be up and your left hand should be down.

Top arm bent

Your strongest weapon is your elbow, which should be as close to your body as possible. The closer it is, the better the rotation. As you start straightening your elbow, you will lose rotation and power over your body.

Head between feet

Your head should be right between your feet. The importance of this position lies in a strong posture and less head movement while rotating. It may not seem important, but it is since your body has to be in full balance. Picture this position as a triangle made of your head and feet.

Hip Rotation

When you master the proper posture, it is time to learn and practice your hip rotation and how to achieve it. It may be complicated at first, but it is also something that our bodies naturally learn. Therefore, it is of importance to practice in the right way, to be sure our bodies have adopted the right posture and movements.

What helps the most is imagining you have a straight line going from your head, back, hip and back knee. The point is to rotate around that pole to achieve the greatest possible hit. Your legs, if in proper posture, will help your hip bend to drive the rotation. Your arm, which should be close to the body, will help you to swing faster. And always make sure that your hands come first on the strike zone so that your hit on the barrel sounds like a powerful whip.

Hitting on the Proper Side of your Bat

What makes the maximum power of your hit is hitting on the proper side of your bat. The strongest part of your bat is referred to as edge grain. It is often that the manufacturers put the logo on the face grain, which is the weakest part of your bat. To achieve hitting the ball on the edge grain, pay attention to sticking the face grain on the opposite side of hitting to achieve maximum power. That is also the message behind the famous phrase ‘Hit with the label up!’

Another advantage of hitting on the proper side of your bat is to expand the lifespan of your bat. Not to mention the absence of stinging vibrations in your hands.

Visual Assistance

The last crucial factor in improving your swing is seeing the baseball. What usually helps is having practice drills with smaller balls or practising  at a closer distance. Another way to correct your mistakes, whether they are your posture, hitting technique or hip rotation, is the visual feedback. In this way, you can see what you do not feel you are doing wrong.

Baseball is widely popular among everyone, both women and men. If you are playing for fun or as a professional, know the basic posture, footwork, and hip rotation trick. It may help you achieve the maximum hit and we all know the sweet feeling of that whipping sound whether it is in your yard, on a field, with your mother or with a coach.






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Hitting Tips to Improve your Baseball Swing

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