How Can Root Canal Problems Affect Your Oral Health and What to Do About Them

How Can Root Canal Problems Affect Your Oral Health and What to Do About Them
How Can Root Canal Problems Affect Your Oral Health and What to Do About Them

How Can Root Canal Problems Affect Your Oral Health and What to Do About Them : Imagine you are enjoying Huntington Beach’s local favorite, the king crab legs. Just as you try breaking the crab shell, you feel a crack in your tooth. Nothing is comparable to the pain you might suffer because of a broken tooth.

Moreover, the beach city has a relatively higher water hardness, about 240ppm. Such water conditions can worsen your dental issues. You can face various root canal conditions, from a persistent toothache, discoloration to swollen gums, all leading to excruciating pain and bad breath.

An expert in root canal Huntington Beach can help you resolve all these oral problems. The top endodontists offer painless, customized dental treatments with the latest equipment. Here’s how potential root canal problems can affect your oral health and the best ways to handle them.

Deep Decay

The handcrafted ice cream at B.Candy ranking among Orange County’s best desserts is a testament to the fact that locals in Huntington Beach have a sweet tooth.

But having too much sweet can decay your teeth, which can lead to tooth nerve inflammation. While the infection can cause you a lot of pain, it also induces intolerable irritation, affecting your oral health adversely.

Experienced endodontists recommend root canals to remove the infection responsible for your discomfort and tooth repair to retain most of its natural parts.

Multiple Dental Procedures on The Tooth

Together, the age groups of 60-64 and 65+ account for a significant section of the Huntington Beach population, which is about 40%.

With age, you would have undergone multiple dental procedures, putting your tooth under significant stress. The repeated drilling can inflame the tooth pulp, enabling bacteria to grow within the pocket rapidly. The bacteria and pulp residue can lead to infection, causing a bad taste inside your mouth and smelly breath.

A specialist in root canal in Huntington Beach can offer treatments designed to eliminate the bacteria from the infected root canal, thus preventing possible reinfection.

Faulty Crown

In Huntington Beach, the top specialists use full porcelain, full-metal, or porcelain-fused-to-metal crown types while fitting a dental implant.

A dental crown can sometimes chip off or break. A broken crown can decay your tooth, leading to bad breath and tooth blackening, thus ruining your oral hygiene.

Endodontists always consider a root canal procedure as the best solution to repair a damaged crown, thus avoiding further tooth decay.

Cracked Tooth

While playing sports like flag football or indoor volleyball, you might chip your tooth due to an injury, which can cause you excruciating pain.

You could also have a cracked tooth by chewing on something hard, leading bacteria to cause infection. And a broken tooth is susceptible to hot or cold temperatures and causes swollen gums.

Dental specialists check for damaged nerves around the cracked tooth and suggest root canals to repair the inflamed nerves to relieve you from pain and sensitivity.


While experts recommend a fluoride level of 0.7ppm permissible in drinking water, a 1ppm limit can cause the least dental fluorosis. But Huntington Beach maintains 4ppm as the standard Fluoride level, which can cause tooth discoloration.

When you suffer from such root canal problems, it is best to visit a leading endodontist and undergo cutting-edge treatments. With your oral health in excellent form, you can confidently venture out and experience the best of what Surf City offers. For more information on root canals and other dental solutions, check out this dentist in vienna.




How Can Root Canal Problems Affect Your Oral Health and What to Do About Them

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