How Can You Support Your Husband on His Journey to Lose Weight

How Can You Support Your Husband on His Journey to Lose Weight : Telling your husband they are overweight may be one of the hardest things to do since you don’t know how they will take it. Nonetheless, letting them know about their weight and the need to reduce it is crucial to ensuring they take the journey towards being fit by losing excess weight.

However, as much as you are not overweight, you play a vital role in ensuring your husband sticks to healthy habits and focuses on being healthy. You can do the following to be part of your husband’s fitness journey to weight loss.

Encourage Them

Encouraging your husband with loving words and believing in them is key to helping them shed extra pounds. A simple “I believe you can do this” can bring around all the change you need. So, show them that you believe in them and help them with various things, like choosing their fitness outfit. Make sure you also make healthy choices to show them that you are part of their journey.

Work Out Together

Another way of showing support is offering to work out together. You can start with simple routines and advance as time goes by. Choose different forms of exercise you can do at home and invest in home exercise gear. If your husband would love both of you to train as a couple, being there throughout their training sessions is all they need to prove your support.

Don’t Tempt Them

Your husband will start to have different food and lifestyle choices to support their decision. Therefore, you must respect these decisions and not tempt them to “bite” anything they should not eat. They will have a diet to stick to, and you should never be the one to sabotage that. Don’t lock away food or recite what they should eat. Let them make their own decision without reprimanding them.

Introduce them to a Weight Loss Program

It is also a good idea to seek weight loss programs for your husband to ensure they get the most. Such programs also make the journey shorter and smoother. There is a strong link between low testosterone and weight gain. Therefore, if you think excess weight could result from low testosterone, think of effective TRT options. TRT can help reduce weight especially when one gets a method that will work according to their body.

Don’t Criticize

If your husband slips away from their weight loss routine, don’t criticize. He is bound to make mistakes, and the best way to handle a screw-up is by looking at the intent. Don’t criticize them when they miss an exercise. Instead, ask them how you can make it easy for them to ensure they exercise every day. Avoid using words like “you should be careful with your actions” or “you must never eat that again” remember, you are there to support them, not control them. One thing you must never do is make them feel bad for how they look. Your job with them is to help get through and enjoy the wins. So, be supportive, not judgmental.

Prepare Healthy Food

If you are not trying to lose weight, watch how and what you eat. Some of your eating options may need to be healthier, which means it also translates to what your husband is eating. If your husband has decided to shed some weight, certain things like snacking, meal preparation, and grocery shopping will change. Prepare healthy meals always, and pack your fridge with healthy snacks. Avoid buying items that trigger him to overeat.

Ask Them What They Need

The journey is about ensuring your husband gets the most out of his weight loss regimen. Therefore, ask them about what they need. Please don’t assume that what you need may be the same thing they need. Remember, some things will change as the journey progresses. So, check on them to ensure they are optimistic about the journey and have everything they need.

Don’t Overdo It

Don’t bombard your husband with articles, weight loss videos, fitness magazines, or subscriptions. Let them decide on their own. Even when they ask you to find them fitness materials, it is easy to overdo it, which might come off as rude. Keep a cap on how far you can help and allow him to make most decisions.


These are simple things you can do to support your husband throughout their journey to losing weight. S, check on them and encourage them to keep going. Celebrate the small wins and offer to do things with them. The journey to losing weight is not a simple one. It is full of temptations and back sliding but being there for your loved one and giving them full support is the best thing to help them get there.




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How Can You Support Your Husband on His Journey to Lose Weight

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