How Do You Sit in Office Chair with Sciatica?

How Do You Sit in Office Chair with Sciatica? Sciatica is an irritating disease that may damage your workability. Pain that makes the sciatic nerve suffering is known as sciatica. The nerve is located in the bottom part of the backside of the human body. The nerve is spread to both legs as well.

So, when sciatica occurs, it causes a problem to a big chunk of the human body. And a proper chair for sciatica seems like water in a dry field. You may have sciatica by birth or due to some external injury. If you have sciatica, it might never be cured. Besides, sciatica causes pain to half of your backside part. Your back pain will not let you perform any job. Moreover, it will make your life unbearable. We will discuss a few tips on how do you sit in office chair with sciatica? Read the whole article to have a clear idea about what to do if you are suffering from sciatica.

How do You Sit in Office Chair with Sciatica?

Sciatica cannot be totally cured as the sciatic nerve keeps causing pain even after treatment. As I’m a sciatica patient, I’ve made myself accustomed to this problem. So, some tips are given below on how do you sit in office chair with sciatica?

  • Adjustable Chair

    Sciatica is a disease that is related to the lower back part of the body. We use that area for sitting. While sitting, the upper part of the body stays at rest. And the lower potion stays active in this setting option. In the chair’s case, we put the lower back part on the chair, and the legs go down from the chair to the ground. So, the type of chair that you use to sit in the office is very important.

    You should use a chair where you can fit your whole body. Some chairs cannot fit the body. Both loosen or tighten chairs are bad for your sciatica. The loosen chair will only support the bottom part of the hip; the rest of the body will keep floating.

    The sciatic nerve might get stressed due to it. In terms of a tight chair, it will not be able to hold the whole body. It might put extra pressure on the sciatic nerve, which will increase the pain.

    The office chair for sciatica nerve pain should be adjustable. You have to adjust the chair to fit your body correctly. Your height should be matched with the chair so that only the head stays higher than the chair’s top point. You shouldn’t align your body totally to the back of the chair. The spine will rest at around 10 degrees.

    You shouldn’t overlook the depth of your chair. The chair’s depth will end just before the knees so that the knee bends at exactly 90 degrees.

    The height from the ground to the hip should be as long as the feet can rest on the ground. The feet resting on the flat surface is extremely important where the sciatic nerve is found in the legs. So, if the leg is not placed in position, then the sciatica pain will be severe.

  • Sit in Correct Position:

    The chair can support your body only; the rest depends on how you sit. Your sitting position can cause sciatica pain to increase or decrease. In most cases, people suffer from sciatica due to their wrong sitting position. Achieving the correct sitting position is the simplest task. You should follow the correct sitting positions to keep the sciatica pain under control.

    Unlike standing, your hip carries most of the body load. Keeping that in mind, you should try to keep the body in such a way that both the hips can transfer the equal load to the chair. Your spine should be almost straight while sitting on a chair. The back of the chair should be attached to your back Besides, you need to keep your chair close to your table. You have to place your elbows on the top part of the table. If needed, you can place part of your arm on the chair handle so that the shoulder can stay at rest.

    If the spine and the shoulder are not in the correct position, then it will cause sciatica pain to rise.

  • Other factors to consider:

    Some other factors should be considered to sit in an office chair. Only sitting in the correct position and having an adjustable chair will help you, but not save you from sciatica pain.

    Try stretching. In many cases, the patient suffered less from sciatica pain who stretched several times a day. Stretching ensures the free flow of blood through the sciatica nerve.

    You may try a massage. During work, you may take a break and ask someone for a massage. The result will be impressed with the stimulating blood flow through your body. As the blood circulation increases, your cells and nerves will get more oxygen to keep fresh and alive. So, in a sense, the sciatic nerve will get more food.

    Increasing your exercise will help you to deal with sciatica as well. If you increase walking or running, the sciatic nerve will not cause you pain. It badly affects you if you are lazy.


People cannot cure a sciatica problem with modern science. It might be a hereditary problem where genes are the main culprit. Besides, you may find some other factors work behind the scenes. Whatever the cause is, if you are suffering from it, then cure is most important for you.

You may follow some simple steps described in the article above to avoid sciatica. We discussed how do you sit in office chair with sciatica; now, your task is to follow these steps.








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How Do You Sit in Office Chair with Sciatica?

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