Nose Thread Lift Singapore: All You Need to Know About This Procedure

A nose thread lift is a cosmetic procedure involving a thread known as polydioxanone threads to lift the nose bridge and tip. These threads are bio-compatible with the human body and are also absorbed. The threads help in shaping the height and shape of your nose.

In case you have a wide, slanted, big nose tip, you can go for a nose thread lift. However, you need to know all this information when going for the procedure.

How Is A Nose Thread Lift Done?

The procedure is non-surgical, and your doctor will begin by making measurements and markings in your nose according to what you prefer. The physician then cleans the area and applies anesthetic cream, followed by an injection to numb your nose. Finally, they use a needle to create the threads entry point, insert them into the nose tip or bridge via the cannula, and remove them after inserting it.

These PDO threads will dissolve after some time. After the procedure, your nose lifts immediately and seems slightly tighter. Although these threads will dissolve, the results will last long due to collagen. The collagen fibers will maintain and support your new shape of the nose. However, you can go for another maintenance procedure after some time.

Benefits of Nose Thread Lift

When going for a nose thread, you need to consult the most qualified and experienced doctors. In case you are deciding where to get a nose thread lift in Singapore? You need to visit a facility that will help you get the best results. These are the benefits of undergoing the procedure.

Minimal recovery time

A nose thread lift procedure is non-surgical. Thus, since it is non-invasive, it will take your doctor a few minutes to perform the procedure. You can make a lunchtime appointment and leave the clinic immediately.

Gives the desired result

When you go to a legit facility such as the Cambridge medical group, you will get the best results. That is, you will achieve a better nose definition, improvement in your nose contour, reduced size or width of the nose, and slimmer bridge of your nose. Besides, you get natural results where your nose bridge and tips raise, becoming straighter, higher, and defined.

The FDA approves the procedure

The Food and Drug Administration approves the method since it improves your contour without surgery. It does not involve invasive nose implants and fillers, which may lead to excessive swelling or lumpiness. They also approve it due to the guaranteed safety of using PDO threads.

Quality of Thread Lifts

The PDO threads are safe and have been used for a long time when performing medical procedures. Although the method itself is painless and safe, your doctor needs to use quality threads to achieve successful results. Thus, if you are asking where to get a nose thread lift in Singapore? It would help if you found a clinic that uses the ultra V PDO threads.

There are short, thin threads and thick ones. The thin threads may result in poor outcomes, while the thick ones can leave a scar. Thus, a qualified physician will use the right number of Ultra V PDO threads and the correct technique in giving you the perfect nose. You can visit a facility such as the Cambridge medical group for the best nose lift outcomes. This procedure is non-surgical and safe; hence you need not worry about wasting time in recovery.






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