How Long Can Baby Sleep In a Bassinet?

How Long Can Baby Sleep In a Bassinet? For many parents, especially young, their baby’s sleep patterns can is an obsession. Either your baby is not sleeping enough or too much. Every new change gets you worried whether if things are going down the right path or not, and most importantly whether you’re doing a good job as parents.

We understand the need to feel our actions and decisions to be constantly validated. And since babies change so fast and so much with in the first year, it seems like as soon as you’ve got one thing sorted out, the other thing becomes out of place.

For instance, you’ve spent hours of sleepless nights to get your little one to accustomed to sleeping in the bassinet that vibrates. Right when she started sleeping on her own, now she seems to be outgrowing her bassinet? Now all you can think of is how you’ll have to make her used to her new sleeping arrangements all over again.

But the silver lining is that by now, your baby is probably accustomed to the day and night difference and her hormones have also kicked in for a healthier sleep cycle.

This means more active time in the day and longer sleeping hours at night, thus giving you a chance to catch up on your quality sleep time.

But let us not get ahead of ourselves. Change comes at you unannounced and does not let you get comfortable. Your baby will grow and get heavier. The bassinet you so endearingly invested in now feels like is nearing its pack up.

But how do you exactly know for how long you can put your baby to sleep in the vibrating bassinet without having to worry about it?

How Long Is It Recommended?

Bassinets come in all shapes and sizes. By size, we mean the size of the sleeping area. Some are snug and cozy while some offer a large area. Either way, your baby is bound to outgrow them.

While the bassinet you have got may not be necessarily tiny, your newborn will grow out of this space and will need to be transitioned to a crib.

If you had a hard time getting your little one accustomed to sleeping in the bassinet, there’s no assurance that you won’t have to go through the same ordeal when making another big transition such as this.

While experienced parents will tell you the age lies anywhere between 3 to 6 months, there is no sure shot telling when exactly you should make the switch. But we’ve listed some important tells that you should consider and make the decision for your baby’s transition from a bassinet to a crib.

  1. The Bassinet’s Age Limit

    Yes, bassinets have age limits. There are no hard and fast rules to these age limits since babies come in all shapes and sizes too. Some are petite and small while some big and tall. The basic recommendation for any bassinet’s age limit is set by the manufacturer.

    Its almost like a ‘best before’ kind of concept. While they recommend age and weight limit, in the end, depends on your better judgement whether you feel it’s the right time for your infant and you to make the shift.

    Some parents are looking forward to getting their baby to sleep a crib so that they can have their room back to themselves again and sleep better.

    Most of the bassinets available on the market have an age limit of up until 6 months. Some large and sturdy bassinets even allow babies that are 9 months old.

  2. The Bassinet’s Weight Limit

    Some bassinets are lightweight and simple while others are fairly sturdy. There’s a simple science to the bassinet’s framework. The heavier the bassinet is, the better it can keep accommodating your baby’s growing weight.

    This does not apply in every aspect though. Bassinets are made from modern lightweight materials that can uphold twice or even thrice their weight. The design also plays a fair share in weight distribution.

    Generally, bassinets can accommodate up to 20 to 30 pounds or so.

    This leaves you more flexibility around the time when you choose to transition your infant to a crib. You need to be cautious when your baby starts weighing near the weight limit. It is wise to begin the transition early.

  3. Your Baby Can Be Too Big For the Bassinet

    Babies come in all shapes and sizes. It doesn’t matter what age your baby is, if it is in the genes, chances are he’ll grow fast and faster than you anticipated. At even 3 months, he might be closing in on your bassinet’s weight limit.

    Now, most of the vibrating bassinets are designed for babies up to around six months of age, but if your baby seems to be outgrowing it or the sleeping area seems to be getting congested, then it’s a sure telltale to begin the transition.

  4. Your Baby Starts To Roll Or Flipover

    With growth comes movement and babies love to kick and rollover. Despite what the bassinet’s age limit or weight limit is, once you see your little one rollover, its time to make the change. This is one of the things you need to be cautious about.

    Bassinet walls are usually soft mesh and shallow. If your newborn can roll over, there are chances of them flipping themselves right over the edge.

    Sometimes the sides can be made of wicker or pieces that can break off from persistent hand movements. These can injure your little one or become a choking hazard.

    You must keep a track of the development in your baby’s mobility.

    You don’t want them rolling into the walls of their basket, getting stuck in a certain position, or feeling trapped either. As soon as they become mobile or growing a bit large, it’s time to transition to a crib.

Seeing your little one grow and become active is a joy to behold. As a parent, you are wise to seek information regarding the well being of your child.

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