How Drug Addiction Begins, and What is Its Effect on Physical Health?

How Drug Addiction Begins, and What is Its Effect on Physical Health? : Drug addiction is a scourge that brings the greatest sorrow and causes the most hurt to the people addicted to drugs and their loved ones. The worst thing about drug addiction is that it can begin at any time without the addict even realizing it.

Therefore, many addicts live in denial for most of their lives and realize the problem only when it is too late. Due to the nature of drug problems, it has a highly negative prognosis, especially for people who don’t get support from their family and friends.

Drug addiction can severely damage mental health and lead to memory loss, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and manic depression. But some people do not realize the impact on physical health until the signs become all the more evident. When drug addiction begins, there is no change in the body. But eventually, the addict starts feeling nauseous and uncomfortable. Eventually, the problems exacerbate and lead to serious physical issues.

Drug Addiction Dangers: No One is Safe from the Trap

Many people associate drug addiction with nihilistic lifestyles and traumatic events. Some even blame the personality of a person and their reckless behaviour. Although this line of thinking is true to some extent, it fails to explain drug addiction in people with no history of trauma. Even people who seem happy and have all the luxury in the world at their disposal are susceptible to drug addiction. Sometimes, it is just frivolous use with a partner for recreational purposes, and other times it is about bragging rights among friends. An introduction to drugs in any way, shape or form can trigger a set of events that end up completely turning life on its head and throwing a perfectly sane person into the addiction trap.

How does Drug Addiction Begin?

As mentioned before, no one is immune to drug abuse. Given the right circumstances and motivation (from external sources), a person can start using drugs and become an addict. Below are some well-known ways for drug addiction to begin:

Taking just one hit at the insistence of peers

When you are with people who abuse drugs, you increase your chances of getting addicted. Sometimes it is a curiosity to try something new, and other times it is peer pressure that triggers the use. Social gatherings with friends, like parties and outdoor trips, are often the starting points of drug abuse in the lives of people, especially teenagers and young adults.

Harmless Recreation Turns into Addiction

Some people use drugs recreationally, or so they believe. But often, their trip to the pleasure land evolves from a choice into a necessity. Until they are completely hooked, they don’t even realize they are turning into an addict. Harmless recreational activities are often the starting point for many happy people with no history of trauma.

Self-medication to cope with unbearable stress

It is a well-known fact that drugs provide relief to users. However, it is very much possible that a patient may start self-medicating to feel high and detach from the stress of life. When self-medication becomes a coping mechanism, the chances of getting addicted increase rapidly. While some people continue with their medication (only increasing the number of pills), others move on to more potent drugs like cocaine, heroin and meth.

Social and environmental factors

The social and environmental context in which a person lives has a significant bearing on the development of addiction. People living in areas with a large population of drug users are more likely to take up drugs than those living in civilized societies.

Genetic Predisposition

Many people have a genetic predisposition to addiction. Genetic factors can affect a person’s susceptibility to substance abuse and how they respond to drugs. However, ultimately, it is an individual’s choice that decides whether they go on to become an addict. People can escape the clutches of the addiction trap and live a fulfilling life, provided they have a steely resolve to counter their urges.

Drug Addiction: Effects on Physical Health

Physical Health can be badly hampered due to the abuse of drugs. Some common physical health issues seen in drug addicts are:

  1. Damage to vital organs like kidneys and liver
  2. Weakened immune system
  3. Malnutrition and weight loss
  4. Physical degeneration like muscle wasting and looking older than your real age
  5. Hormonal imbalances
  6. Increased pain sensitivity
  7. Damage to the respiratory system

In many cases, drug addiction can impact an addict severely and even lead to death.


Drug addiction can impact just about any human being. Although the starting points of drug addiction can differ, people abusing drugs suffer the same fate. For every mental issue that can arise due to drug abuse, there is an equal number of physical health issues that can adversely affect an addict. In the worst cases, drug addiction can also lead to death. Therefore, it is essential to vouch for drug addiction treatment whenever you see an addict. By sending a drug addict to drug rehab at the right time you can improve their lives and prevent them from suffering a deadly fate.




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How Drug Addiction Begins, and What is Its Effect on Physical Health?

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