How Quality Chiropractic Care Can Greatly Improve Your Well-Being

How Quality Chiropractic Care Can Greatly Improve Your Well-Being : When you are experiencing a lot of physical pain and are going through a healing crisis, you feel lost in the world. The pain takes so much out of you that you barely get through each day.

Important things, like rest and sleep, may even be nearly impossible because of the levels of discomfort and pain. You cling to the hope that there is some medical professional out there that can help care for you and relieve you from the suffering you are going through.

Fortunately, a number of patients have found just the right healing professional in the person of a top-notch, local chiropractor. With their knowledge of the back, spine, neck and other physical structures within the body they are often able to diagnose and correct things and bring you the relief you so desperately need. Many times things will start to turn around with just a few treatments and continued work with the chiropractor will keep you on the right track.

Pain and Difficulty Walking

One patient, otherwise completely healthy, developed difficulty walking after moving household goods down some uneven stairs. The problem continued to get worse despite a time of rest and soon walking was accompanied by a lot of pain. The individual would have to stop often when walking to let the pain subside before she could continue.

When she went to a chiropractor after a number of months, she thought that she had a structural problem with her knee. Instead, the diagnosis was a spinal subluxation, or altered position of the vertebra, that led to a tilt in her pelvis that spanned many degrees. Because of the incorrect angle of her pelvis, her one leg was now structurally shorter than the other. Once the spinal and pelvic adjustments were made she quickly recovered and now after some more time healing is walking 5 miles a day.

Intense Headaches and Stiff Neck

After experiencing over a month of intense headaches, a severely stiff neck and elevated blood pressure, another patient was given a referral to a chiropractor. Even though they had seen multiple medical professionals about these issues, no one had truly helped. They were having a lot of pain in their head every day and just wanted to have some relief and some hope.

The chiropractor did a screening exam and noted the areas of misalignment in the spine and the neck area. Just as importantly, his bedside manner showed that he really wanted to help. He took the time to listen and to truly care, something that was not experienced with the other medical folks. His caring and the initial adjustment resulted in a 20-point drop in the high blood pressure and over the course of some treatments the headaches were resolved and the intense pain went away.

Restoring the Ability to Hear

A mother was very concerned because her six-year-old daughter could hear fine on the left side but had severe loss of hearing on the right side. She was diagnosed with a type B tympanogram, which indicates a problem with the middle ear system. A consulting medical professional advised that multiple surgeries would be necessary.

The mother’s husband was currently being treated by a local chiropractor for headaches. When the daughter’s condition was mentioned, the chiropractor asked that they bring her in for a consult and he would see if he could help. During the time with the daughter he brought out a very cute teddy bear and after she was comfortable began some adjustments. At the end of two weeks, the daughter said the sound of the ocean was no longer in her ear. By the end of six weeks of treatments she could hear fine and passed her hearing test with flying colors.

If you are suffering from intense pain or problems due to back, spine, neck or other alignment issues, seeing a chiropractor can alleviate your pain and bring hope back to your life again. Chiropractors understand the intricate web of connections in the structural body. Many have been through their own healing crisis in life, and are very willing to offer their healing skills and their caring to you.







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How Quality Chiropractic Care Can Greatly Improve Your Well-Being

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