How technology has impacted Synthetic Urine

How technology has impacted Synthetic Urine
How technology has impacted Synthetic Urine

How technology has impacted Synthetic Urine : Now that most companies and organizations include drug tests as part of their interviewing process, some people have to turn to synthetic urine to pass these tests. It is manufactured in laboratories and resembles human urine. However, it does not contain traces of drugs or other substances that could make you fail a drug test.

The “fake” urine has similar levels of uric acid, nitrate, pH, and even smell to resemble the natural components of urine. Due to the increased usage of this product, companies are now using advanced technology to screen the urine. In return, the synthetic urine industry has also employed technology to manufacture undetectable “fake urine.” Read on to discover how technology has impacted the same.

  1. Increased Usage.

    As companies try to increase their ratings, the introduction of drug test has led employees to upgrade their cheating methods. In the past, people have attempted to use teardrops, soft drinks, and other adulterants to get negative results. Others want inconclusive results that will give their body more time to get rid of the illegal substance. Most of these methods focused on dilution. However, technology has led to the discovery of synthetic urine. Synthetic urine focuses on substitution to cheat drug tests. With replacement, a person can mimic the characteristics of natural urine. Due to the success of this new method of cheating drug tests have, more and more people continue to use synthetic urine.


  1. Unlimited Digital Access.

    Although most people believe that the use of synthetic urine within the federal drug program is rare, we know it exists. Product reviewers and consumers have the same conclusions. The former curses synthetic urine, while the latter praises it on social media platforms. The internet is full of several options where you can access. Almost every smoke shop sells “fake” urine. Synthetic urine for sale has different prices depending on the quality and the store you choose. Most of these stores display and advertise their products on their websites and other social media posts. As such, technology has made it easy to purchase synthetic urine.


  1. The storage and transportation of artificial urine matters.

    Any mistake can lead to drug test fail. Packaging of these products tends to deflect from its use. The box upfront may claim that the product is for research or novelty purposes. An additional print may support this claim by stating that the product is for lawful use only. When you open the box, you find a different story. Bottles of the “fake urine” are attached with temperature sensing strips. These strips match the heat on the specimen used for drug tests. Temperature is a crucial factor. A screening professional will reject any sample that is hotter than 100 degrees or colder than 90 degrees. As such, some products comes with hand warmers to keep it at the right temperature. Others come in a pouch instead of a bottle. The pouch goes under your clothing and presses against your body warmth.


Despite all these, companies have intensified their drug test procedures. Some call for observed tests. Others rely on technology to detect. As people try to beat the system, and companies try to catch the cheats, synthetic urine continues to get real attention.






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